Rare Gem

I wanted to write to you to express how much I admire and appreciate your premier artist, Violet Moon. I have had the pleasure of experiencing two exquisite three-hour sessions with her so far, and will hopefully have many more. As a direct result of those encounters, tantra is now my newest and most favorite hobby, and Violet is my unending muse. She is exactly as she describes herself online, and her skills go above and beyond anything I have yet to encounter. Her catchy tag line, as an “upscale tantric muse”, could not be more apropos, as my memories of our luxurious encounters provide me with a continual source of inspiration and pleasure. Violet is a rare find of pure Devine femininity and exceptional beauty which can only be described as that of a Goddess. Her outer beauty is without a doubt a 10 plus, and is only surpassed by her preeminent inner beauty. When I am in her presence, and I surrender to her, I am able to feel a bliss that I have not been able to find anywhere else with anyone else.

Violet far exceeded every preconceived expectation I had for my first encounter with a courtesan and with the art of tantra. When I first met her I was awestruck by her beauty and presence, which literally took my breath away. Throughout our entire first session, from beginning to end, I never fully regained my breath and found myself in a constant state of awe, wondering what magic was going to happen next. When I left Violet I was in a blissful daze of complete exhaustion and exhilaration. I suddenly understood what “breathtaking beauty” meant!

Upon seeing Violet for the second session I was again blown away by her statuesque loveliness, and I immediately felt at ease with her as we embraced and began to talk. Even though I was once again entranced by Violet, on this occasion our time together felt even warmer and more authentic, as I was more relaxed and able to appreciate her in the present, each and every moment. She epitomizes that perfect combination of Master of Tantra and girlfriend extraordinaire. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to reach a higher state of ecstasy than I had with Violet in our first session, but she easily surpassed it during our second encounter. She is phenomenal!

Of course, the connection we share during our sacred union time and during all the other intimate physical contact is beyond heavenly, but I would like to emphasize how much I enjoy beginning each session with vibrant conversation, breath work, meditation, mantras and yoga. It is abundantly clear how getting on the same vibrational frequency with Violet prior to connecting intimately is paramount to both of us enjoying our tantric journey to the fullest extent possible. Then, as our union draws to an end, she slowly and purposefully guides me out of my trance with more breath work, mantras and meditation, ultimately finishing with thoughtful parting conversation for me to savor until our next session together.

For me, the time I spend with Violet is like my own personal oasis and is a perfect substitute for a much needed vacation getaway. I plan to escape with her as often as my budget will allow me to! Violet has inspired me to explore tantra beyond our time together in the spa. I am now attending weekly kundalini yoga courses and have ventured into other spiritual events that are offered at my local conscious living store and yoga center. I’m also very excited about attending a ten day retreat in Greece next summer to learn more about tantric spirituality and healing. To help accomplish these goals I’ve I set up an auto-withdrawal at my bank with a set amount from each paycheck to be taken out and directly deposited in my ”tantra fund”!

Many, many thanks to Classy Massages for providing such a wonderful service and venue, and especially to Violet Moon for opening my eyes and my heart to an entirely new way of living and experiencing life to the fullest.