Raging Hot Rebecca

I frequently visit Dallas for business. What I appreciate most is the surplus of elegant women with ample bottoms. They just do not seem as concerned here with having a narrow bottom whittled away with dieting and copious exercise, fake breasts, and miles of botox and injections like the more Metropolitan areas I also frequent. I understand a lot of men like that; however, it is just not my preference. What can I say, I like a woman who eats with normal-sized lips that don’t look like you are going to be blown by a goldfish. 

I was searching for Nuru or Tantra, and somehow I came upon Classymassages’ website. I saw Rebecca’s post for availability in Dallas, and I almost fell over. She was everything the doctor ordered and more. Her face was super cute, she has juicy thighs, and she even appeared not to have implants, which sealed the deal for me physically. The services were a combination of exactly what I was seeking, with what seemed even more than I imagined possible, with escort girlfriend and pornstar experiences added to the mix. I was in like Flynn!

I proceeded to book a two-hour appointment. My biggest regret was that I did not book the three-hour appointment Classymassages recommends. 

I arrived at a gorgeous private condominium in an upscale and discreet location, as advertised. I am greeted by a young-looking woman who matched her pics, but somehow in person, it was better. She had a ready smile and a glow in her eyes. She has luscious lips, soft dewy skin, and a light in her eyes. She is demure and classy in her presentation, earing a beautiful bright blue dress and heels. I was immediately smitten.

She led me to the bathroom, where I took a shower and put on the robe she laid out for me. She was waiting and led me to the Nuru Bed, where the festivities began. 

Her Nuru was a delicious body to body excursion of her body against my body, which I watched in the bedside mirror.

She then proceeded with the Tantra, I have had Tantra massages before, but her techniques were from another world indeed. Nothing I have experienced before. She has superior talents. 
We led into kissing. Rebecca is a fantastic kisser. Probably some of the softest, sweetest lips I have ever felt with the perfect amount of tongue.

Her thighs were supple, and I delved between them, kissing her nubile lady parts. She has perfect pink beautiful lady parts that tasted oh so good.  

She reciprocated and gave me some of the best head I have experienced.

Her mouth took me all in slow and steady, building up. She was outstanding. She was so hungry for my manhood; it was like she could not get enough of it.

Soon she placed on a cover with expert skills using her mouth, and I entered her.

She is very tight.

I thrust, she was sopping.

I felt her Kegels milking my member as she had her first orgasm. She moaned and looked so hot as she came.

It was tight, but I wanted even tighter. I asked if I could enter the Greek Isles with her. She said yes.

I turned her over, and she laid on her stomach. I entered her from that position. Her bottom was so tight I could almost not hold back, but somehow I managed for several minutes. After a few minutes, I felt her buttocks shake and milk my manhood as she pulsated with an intense orgasm. I pulled out of her bottom just as I was about to cum, took off the cover, and blew all over her ample bottom.

She cleaned me up with a hot towel.

We talked for a while, and I found her very bright, warm, down-to-earth, and a great conversationalist. She is very classy, really a lady.

I will be back. Because of Rebecca, I have decided that Dallas is now my favorite place to visit.