Nuru Time With Ava

I was thrilled to see a new dark haired beauty had been added to the site. Her pictures showed a young woman with a regal quality I found very intriguing. I have visited the paradise of Classymassages before, and simply love this haven of hedonistic delights.  I do not get much free time often, as my schedule keeps me supremely busy. Whenever I can get a couple hours away from the daily grind of my life, however, I schedule an appointment and pay a visit to Classymassages. These girls there are best booked ahead, but I was anxious to meet Ava upon seeing her lovely pics, and happened unexpectedly to have a free afternoon.  Somehow, some way, a miracle occurred, and I texted and Ava was available to see me just two hours after I texted.  I booked the highly recommended 3 hour appointment… 

I love visiting the Spa location of Classymassages. I mean, the place is just absolutely great. Discreet on the outside, beautiful and clean on the inside. 

I was greeted by a drop dead gorgeous woman who matched her pictures. To me, all the women at Classymassages are lovely, but this one had a smoldering sexuality that made her my favorite one thus far. 

She was strikingly beautiful with dark bedroom eyes and full lips. She has a calm, sweet demeanor. She greeted me at the door with a warm hug that lead into a passionate kiss. Her eyes were dark and mysterious, skin tan and smooth. She has a knockdown dragout brickhouse fit body. I was indeed a happy camper….

She led me to the bathroom, where I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste she left out for me. I then changed into the robe and slippers she had also laid out for me.

I was then ready for the fun to start….

Our session began with us sitting in the comfortable chairs in the living room area of the studio. They have an ample wine selection at Classymassages. We both decided upon Pinot Gregio, which she poured us each a glass.  She is of South American descent, but very well spoken in English with no discernible accent. She has a soft voice, a warm attitude, and a wonderful personality. I found her sophisticated, engaging, and quite intelligent. I was completely smitten at this point, and after we drank the wine together, I was finally ready for the fun to begin…..

And so began our Nuru Delights……

She led me to the Nuru area of the studio which is a King Size Bed in front of the mirrors surrounded by candles. I took off the robe, and laid flat on my stomach. My head was turned and I was able to watch Ava undress in the mirror. What a body she has! She is an absolute Goddess with perfect curves who is in extremely good shape. Her breasts are spectacular and defy gravity. Her butt is incredible. I watched her as she climbed on top of me. At first, she poured oil all over herself, and I watched her rub it all over her ample breasts paying special attention to her nipples, which were long and firm points. Then she proceeded to do the massage, at first using her breasts, then her hands, then her knees, then her feet. There was something raw in her touch, something almost primal in the way she moved and felt to me. Everything about her massage was seductive and intriguing. 

The time spent on my stomach receiving the massage felt just sumptuous. I very soon lost track of time, as I could have stayed here forever. 

She had me flip, and the next thing I knew I was looking up at Ava. Her face was gorgeous, her tits were incredible, and watching this wonderful creature naked straddling me felt so good it was almost sinful.

She smiled shyly down at me, leading my hands to her breasts, which were pert and soft feeling. Her skin was like satin. She started moaning, turned on just by me touching her breasts. Her pussy was hot against me straddling me, as I could feel the heat rising and her lips swell up against me.  I realized she is completely shaved. If felt incredible. She has super hot bikini tan lines. She did a backbend in front of my face and I was able to look at her pussy. It had full meaty swollen lips and a large hungry clit. Soon, she was straddling my face… Her juices ran out of her as I licked her clit, making her wetter and wetter, dripping all over my face. She simply tasted fresh and delicious.  She baked her first cookie straddling my face, gushing and moaning as she orgasmed her sweet juices all over my face. After she came, she started to blow me, positioning herself backwards facing me so I could watch her pussy right in front of me while she performed her no condom needed oral delights. Oh boy, did this young lady know what she is doing! She said she has a lot of experience doing “massages” of this type, and let me tell you, she did really know what she was doing. She was soft and gentle at all the right points, with the perfect amount of pressure in the places that needed just a touch more pressure. She was not shy with my taint nor the back either. I would not call what she did an inside rub, but she did some teasing on the outside which was one of the best feeling things I have ever experienced. She even put the tip of her pinky in the back, very subtly, just the very tip, and it felt perfect, she knew what she was doing. It was not a full prostate rub which is not my preference, but it was something that really felt wonderful and perfect. I started fingering her, and found her very tight and sopping wet. I took my finger in and out of her building up speed, then a little harder and harder eventually causing her to bake another cookie. Her pussy spasmed all over my finger juices flying out as she moaned and moaned.  I did not want her to stop blowing me, but I am a one and done guy and I needed to be inside her. I just had to fuck her. I asked her to place on a condom which she expertly did using her mouth. I turned her over, and looking down at her I climbed on top and entered her, looking right at her. We kissed and she is a fantastic passionate kisser and as we kissed I began to thrust inside her and she got wetter and wetter. She started to spasm I could feel the walls of her pussy moving against my cock and I thrust harder and harder. I was just about to come when I decided I wanted to fuck her doggy so I could look at her beautiful ass when I baked my cookie. She turned over on all fours and I entered her again, thrusting even harder. I felt her bake her third cookie, and from this position it felt amazing. Her pussy hit my cock in the perfect spot from this position. Before I knew I could not hold back any longer. My whole cock started to throb and pulsate. I was so hot I felt it throughout my entire body. God she felt and looked sooooo good. I pulled out my cock, ripped off the condom and shot my load all over her perfect ass. It dripped all over it, totally, totally hot. I was definitely in a state of heaven.  

We finished, and she visited the bathroom to wash up. She came out, and went to the heater and brought me out a warm towel on plate. She used that towel to wipe me up, one of my favorite things these girls do at Classymassages. It was just that – a “classy” touch. 

Afterwards, she had me go to the massage table that was next to the bed. I laid on the massage table and she proceeded to give me a professional massage. Lo and behold, I found out she was a licensed massage therapist. Either way, it was one of the best therapeutic massages I have ever received. 

Afterwards, we sat back down in the living room area, and she brought more Pinot Gregio and some cheese and crackers that appeared catered – again a nice touch I really like at the Spa.

Our conversation was incredible. She loves music and dancing, as do I. She is really a sweet, sweet girl in every way. I was thrilled by how accommodating and open minded she is. I loved her pampering style. I will be back to Classymassages to see her again and again, as this is one true winner in every way.