Nuru Journey With Violet

I don’t know if I have enough human words to describe my session with Violet. Wow. Out of this world. 

Violet Moon is a tall young lady in her mid 20’s who is even more breathtaking in person than her incredible pictures.  The experience was like nothing I expected nor have experienced before.  

Her “incall” is quite spectacular! It is a “spa” type of set up. It is located in a private residence in a very nice area of East Fort Lauderdale. It is very discreet from the outside. I found it quite glorious on the inside. I have actually never seen a more beautiful set-up in all my years of frequenting this industry. 

From the very beginning when I walked in and met her, I was stunned by her natural beauty and soft friendly demeanor. She has a gift for the way she communicates with you, her voice is hypnotizing. She has a warm presence, and speaks honestly and makes you feel comfortable and safe. 

I never experienced a tantra ritual experience in this type of adult experience before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but this all goes back to her desire to create connection. And she does so beautifully. Violet was patient, gentle and precise. She was always checking in with me, always connecting with me. There was not a single thing mechanical about her, as she is very sincere and compassionate. Her hands are magical, her touch is soft yet deep, she knows exactly how to move and build a sensual arousing energy. Her body and energy is very sensitive. I enjoyed being able to be around a woman who is so connected to herself. It was truly a gift to see someone with so much awareness of her own energy and her body.  The entire session was designed around building connection, creating intimacy, awakening and uplifting the energy, meanwhile my pleasure and my comfort were her priority. I was able to learn so much from her during our chats, her voice speaks outside herself, and her insights and philosophy on life were profound to hear.  This experience isn’t just about the massage or Nuru or having a sexual connecting to a beautiful girl. She layers different elements on top of each other to fully Unify us both together not just physically, but energetically and spiritually. I was able to feel full surrender and peace of mind, which to me is very hard to attain due to my busy and hectic daily life. She is a true Goddess and if you have a chance to experience her art you are a lucky one. Connecting with her requires your true surrender and letting go of your desire to control. So be ready for that. 

This experience was by far the best adult experience I have ever had, better then I ever could have ever imagined. She is wonderful to look at, talk to, and to be around her magnetic presence. She provides a superior experience with her techniques. The experience is as high class as it gets. If these things are important to you as they are to me, I recommend Violet Moon highly. Run, do not walk to see her.