Nuru By Heather: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

They say everything happens for a reason and at the right time. I had finalized a long coming divorce last week, and I was feeling deeply saddened.  I really needed to connect.

I have been a longtime client here at Classymassages.  Since coming here, I have never had the desire to look elsewhere. I truly have never been disappointed with any of the gals I have seen over the years. I had originally seen Heather Fields’ post about a year ago, but somehow I overlooked this incredible gem.

The idea of hiring a random escort is just no longer fathomable to me. After experiencing Gfe Nuru sessions with the artists at Classymassages,  I now desire that certain closeness and bit of depth that the girls at Classymassages consistently offer.

With a Classymassage’s type of experience, boundaries are made very clear.  I have not dated in over 30 years, so I am quite confused over the whole process.  I am definitely not looking for a serious relationship. This is the only way I like to be with women, because anything else is too much for me to deal with.  I want pampering from head to toe. I want none of the aggravation of a relationship. Yes, I want an authentic feeling, a  “”girlfriend” type of experience going on, not just a simple physical release. I want brains along with beauty. I get all that at Classymassages. To me, Heather Fields is my favorite gal so far, she has all that and more. 

I entered the beautiful private house “Spa.” I am always taken aback at how incredible the “Spa” is when you actually walk into it. It’s in a very nice artsy suburban area, and the location is indeed what I would call “discreet.” The house itself is quite discreet as well, as it looks just like a typical house so it blends in. I like how the trees hides the house from the neighbors.

I knocked on the door, and it was opened Heather in a sexy lacy see through white dress and heels. The girl before me was breathtaking! She has beautiful hazel eyes and long wavy dark hair, tanned skin, and an easy, enticing smile. Her body is to die for! She is very fit, busty, with shapely long legs and a perfect backside.  She has a sunny nature, and a certain ease about her. All my sadness disappeared as she gave me a welcoming hug and long, lingering kiss. The sadness from the divorce I had just settled went away in that moment actually and never came back.

We began the three-hour session I had booked. My only regret was that it was not a 4 hour or perhaps even longer session. 

We walked over to the sitting area, sat down, and she poured us both red wine, and we ate entrees she had prepared for us. We talked for awhile, and I found that she is just as intelligent as she is beautiful. Very well-educated. She is as warm and charming as it gets. I liked her attitude all around.  I could tell she was not pretending to be someone she was not. She really listened to what I had to say, and that was simply incredible. I asked her a lot of questions, and she was open, and answered them without hesitation. For me, sexual intimacy must start with conversation. Let me tell you, this girl was incredible at conversation. She definitely has a college degree and good breeding.  She is epitomizes what I would consder a highly upscale “gfe” experience. 

After awhile, she offered to begin our session.  I think I am addicted to Nuru at this point. If you have never tried it, it is a must try for any man.  In my opinion, Nuru is the best thing since sliced bread. There is nothing more erotic then watching in the wall-to-wall mirror a beautiful young lady covered in dripping wet, shiny Nuru, rubbing her supple breasts and shaved female area against me. Heather in my opinion, is the hottest one yet. They are all hot at Classymassages, don’t get me wrong, but she just did it for me like no one else ever has. I usually don’t have a set type, but there was something about her that makes her just as addictive to me as the incredible techniques she was applying. Her touch was slow and deliberate. I could tell she was reading what my body wanted, then delivering. I started on my back, and after what seemed like seconds but was actually close to an hour I believe, she had me roll over. Looking up at her was even hotter then looking in the mirror. She continued to Nuru my body with her body looking up at me as she continued. Her breasts were perfect, with large hungry nipples. She has a tiny waist and she straddled me backwards. Her butt was right in front of my face, and let me tell you it was perfection. Full and perfect and firm and just delicious. When she bent over, I could see her shaved lady lips they looked so good from that angle. Backwards straddling me, she somehow started to expertly blow me. Her skills were just incredible. She really took her time and was super into it, and I felt like she cared, much like a girlfriend. I happily returned the favor and found her moist, dripping, and very orgasmic.  

Eventually, she turned around again, and while using her mouth she expertly applied a cover and straddled me. She looked down into my eyes as she rode me,  and I was able to make that personal connection I desired. She was wet, very tight, and definitely knew how to move to bring me pleasure.  It was an incredible experience, one of my top sexual experiences for sure.  We ended up having sex in many positions. We switched to doggy, which was great, as her butt looked incredible from the back to me while I was giving it to her. It seemed like her lady area had a mind of its own it was so tight. The harder I gave her my manhood, the tighter her lady area got. Soon, it began to even feel like a mouth. We switched positions again, with me laying down, and soon I realized the cover was off and it was in her real mouth again. This girl was so talented I just could not hold back,  and I almost exploded in her mouth. I pulled away, and she applied a cover again. I then laid her on her back, lifted her legs, spreading them and gave it to her, both of us orgasming at the exact same time. It was incredible, simply incredible.

She wiped me down with a towel, and we cuddled and laughed.  After a few minutes, she had me get up then lay down on the massage table, and with the little time left, she gave me an incredible table massage as we chatted about everything from art to music to working out to wine. Her hands were that of a professional masseuse. 

I went into the shower, and she even washed my back for me. When I was done she dried me off with a towel. 

Heather was spectacular. She treated me like a King, and she was indeed my queen. 

She made me feel 20 years younger, 20 pounds lighter, and most importantly 20 times happier. Heather just has that magical way about her.  I will be back to see her again and again. If you want someone to make you feel good, with incredible looks, skills, and attitude, she is indeed the woman for you.