Nuru by Fit Model Ayden Gold

I stumbled across this website while googling around for an upscale Girlfriend Experience and Nuru Massage combined experience,  and I was immediately attracted to the young lady named Ayden Gold.  Just my type.

I proceeded to book an appointment for later that week after a painless screening process.

Classymassages Spa is in a very discreet location. I felt very safe when I arrived, as it is a nice, understated home, and it is located in an upper class residential area. 

Just like the website stated, the place inside was absolutely gorgeous. It really took me a few minutes to adjust as it really takes your breath away when you first walk in. It has an Eastern Tantric Spa theme to it, it is luxurious, spacious, super clean, with soft candles, and sensual music. I immediately felt comfortable with the place. 

Ayden appeared a vision in white lace.

When she opened the door, I was happy to see she is an exact match to her pictures. In person she really has incredible sex appeal. She has a strikingly exotic type of beauty. She has full succulent lips to die for, natural ones, not enhanced. They are gorgeous. Her legs are long and seem to go on forever.  Her appearance is that of model. I would guess her to be in her later 20’s to early 30’s, which is actually younger then her stated age. Often in this industry women look older then their pictures, so that was indeed a nice surprise. 

For the first 1/2 hour of the 3 hour session I selected, we began with conversation. She is smart and fun to talk with. We conversed as we drank wine together, kissed, and even cuddled.

I had a bit of buzz from the wine, and this, along with the excitement this gal brought to me, I found myself ready to begin a trip down “Nuru” Paradise.

She undressed to the music, watching me watch her. It was super hot. Her nipples are large, long, firm points, and her breasts are a perfect shape and size, upstanding and firm. She is slim and athletic in fantastic shape. She began to dance for me. It was so hot it was almost hard to believe what I was seeing before me. I found out soon she had worked as a professional dancer at one point. I could tell, as her dancing  was better than any lap dance I have ever received. 

She then led me face down onto the bed where I watched her in the mirror as she covered her body in Nuru Gel, glistening on her perfect tanned skin. She has expert techniques.  We proceeded for about an hour where this vixen massaged every part of my body with every part of her body. When I rolled over and she Nuru’d the front of my body it felt and looked so fucking hot it was insane. She turned around at one point and I found myself looking right at her glistening pussy in front of my face, I mean it was unbelievably hot.  

The next hour was spent doing good old fashioned foreplay and fucking. Her bbbj skills are insanely good. She is patient when she applies her oral, she does not rush at all. I like her particular technique. She uses a combined slow and faster techniques at different times. Hands were lightly applied at the bottom at different times and used perfectly to enhance the oral. Light tongue on my sack and taint done applied at the right times. Her pussy is hot, she gets very moist, and she is insanely tight. Her lips are puffy and juicy looking. She is completely shaved. She has a large sensitive clit. She is mult-orgasmic, very into it when she bakes her cookies. She is not mechanical. She is very uninhibited, as nothing I wanted to do was off the table with the exception of the necessary safety precautions. 

The last 1/2 hour of the session we snuggled a bit more and had more wine. She has a young, soft, breathy voice. We even took a shower together after which was a totally great experience.  I scrubbed her back and she scrubbed mine, it was all really fantastic. All too soon, however, I realized it was time to leave. I am just visiting, but I know when I make my way back into town I will see her again. 

I am so grateful to have found Classymassages and to have met Ayden  I highly, highly recommend Ayden Gold. 


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