Nuru By a Naturally Beautiful All-American Fashion Model

I tried to contact Amber and get in right away several times but I did not have any luck. I finally figured I should plan ahead since the advertising said book ahead and maybe I would have better luck. I looked at her schedule of availability and scheduled a date several days ahead and was able to see her that way without any problem.

Amber is a really sweet girl but a little naughty too and oh so freakin’ sexy – did I say sexy, I meant sexy. You can tell she is a professional model when you meet her, as she looks phenomenal in person.  She is very bright and funny, and she makes you feel really comfortable when you meet her. She is great at conversation and is very down-to-earth. I did not have an awkward experience with her like I often do with women who are that beautiful. I am just a simple guy from Nebraska who did real well for himself in business a few years back. Women with her class and looks used to be out of my league, so although they are not any longer,  I still feel intimidated usually and out of my comfort zone. With her I felt totally at ease. 

I would describe Amber as having all natural perky tits, slim body with a luscious butt, and fit firm thighs. That butt, I mean, that butt is what a butt should be. Her butt is simply to die for firm juicy and perfect. Her legs are super long and she a is a very statuesque and graceful looking model type. She is athletic and strong. 

The Nuru Massage experience was sensational. It was actually better than any video I have ever seen and any other body-to-body rub I have ever had. Her skills from deep kissing to doing just about everything imaginable along with the Nuru was also quite fantastic. She is totally open-minded, naturally sexual, and essentially nothing seems off her menu. 

The “Spa” itself was incredible. I am a world-traveler, and the Classymassages’ Spa is by far superior to any other place for upscale services of this type I have ever visited. It is is a very nice residential area, in an understated house, and inside it was just gorgeous! Everything was immaculate, and the setting luxurious and erotic. There was a wine bar, candles, music…the works! There was even a mirrored wall where I was able to watch Amber perform the entire time. 

The session as a whole was just superior in every way compared to other services I have tried.  Now I understand why Classymassages has such a great reputation and why it is a higher end service than the average.  It is because they ARE the best of their class.  Personally, I think it is because it is the best service you can possibly get,  and now I understand why I have to plan ahead to see her and can’t call and come like I was used to doing. It is because this Nuru experience is quite incredible and it is not just run of the mill experience.  To me, it just cannot possibly get better in appearance, class, service, and skills than Amber. 

The only bad thing I can really say is that I wished I had booked longer then just three hours, because she was also just so great to talk to and to spend time with. The three hours flew by way too soon in what felt like minutes. I wished the session was a lot longer actually. Maybe next time we could also have dinner together. I made a note to book one of the longer Luxury Sessions offered next time, definitely at least a 6 hour or 8 hour type of companionship dinner date, as she is really the kind of girl you just want to take out and show off.