Nuru By a Lithe Gymnast

What a dynamite GFE gymnast and superb sensual Nuru experience!

My birthday passed and I didn’t have a chance to give myself my traditional Classymassages present, so I called Rachel to arrange a belated birthday present. I’ve always had a great experience with Classy and I know I can count on Rachel to steer me in the right direction.”I have just the girl for you,” she tells me right off the bat.  “She’s a gymnast”

Rachel knows me so well!  Evidently, Tori was new to Florida and I was going to get to greet her! She sends me a couple of pictures Tori sent to be used for the site, and I’m already ready already, waiting until the appointed day was a challenge, but the setup was easy and fit my schedule well. At the appointed time, I arrived, and, as always, they were ready for me. Promptness and communication were great throughout.  I made my way to the private entrance to their retreat and was greeted by a beautiful and athletic bundle of joy and energy. “So handsome!” she says, and I think she meant it. She has super bright strawberry-colored hair and was wearing this adorable gymnast’s leotard that complimented her lithe body.  And the smile! Ear to ear, and high-wattage. Beautiful, yes, but also cute. As is my norm, I made use of the well-stocked, clean, bathroom to take a shower and Tori was waiting for me with a towel and a glass of Pinot Grigio. 

Our mutual excitement was such that we skipped the small talk and attacked one another with kisses. I made short work of removing her leotard and we headed right to the bed.  It took a bit of willpower on my part to calm down enough to let her work her Nuru magic. She applied abundant oil to herself, so much as to be able to use her fantastic gymnast body to apply it to me. Our lustful energy filled the entire experience, her caresses a bit more urgent than I am normally accustomed to, her hands sneaking into sensitive spots to increase my arousal. Her breath in my ear, her lips on my neck. I had to shift more than once to accommodate how incredibly hard she made me.As I flipped she couldn’t contain herself and took my manhood in her mouth immediately. Hungrily. The passion was intense, I was close to climax, and I think she sensed it and looked up at me. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I couldn’t help myself, I had to taste you.”  She resumed her nuru work, once again tying us intimately together, looking deeply into my eyes. “Your cock is perfect,” she says. In my adventures, I hear that often, sometimes I even believe it, and this time I knew she meant it with her entire being. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and we had a moment.

“I want it” she tells me, and eases herself down to once again take me in her mouth before sliding up against my engorged member.  She slides against it and puts it behind her, using her hand and ass to massage me. Somehow she applies a cover without looking back with just one hand and eases me into her loins.  Slowly at first, but then with greater intensity, she rides herself near climax. “I want to show your something,” she says and we switch positions as she rolls to her back and puts her legs behind her head. I enter her again and am surprised at how well I can feel her warmth and wetness through the cover. Her desire for me is palpable. “Harder” she implores me, and I oblige.  I lean in to kiss her and she meets my lips with a ravenous eagerness. We thrust against each other like it is our reason for being as she brings her legs down to hold me against her. Again, again, again, her wetness escapes, and I can feel her Kegels spasming as her eyes roll back in her head, Her legs go to the bed, eventually closing beneath me, holding me deep within her as I thrust repeatedly into her tightness to I climax with such intensity, and for what feels like a very long time of continuous orgasm, until spent, I collapse beside her.

Several minutes of exhausted and satisfied cuddling, limbs intertwined, pass before she and I are coherent enough to speak. Some reminiscing about what we just felt, and then the small talk we missed in our lust at the start. A delightful woman. An unforgettable act of lovemaking.  Compatibility of energy. An experience to make a belated birthday unforgettable. More than a courtesan, more than a mere Nuru massage, a sensual escape. Happy birthday to me.

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