My Nuru Exploration With a Sex Goddess

I happened upon the Classymassages website while searching for a sensual massage.  The Nuru Massage they offer sounded too good to miss. It seemed much better than the annoying traditional sensual massages I usually get.  I loved that they also offer a girlfriend style escort type of experience with their Nuru Massage, as that is something I have never experienced before. It is usually one or the other, not both together, and the combination sounded quite intriguing to me. The girlfriend style escort experience is something I do like to indulge in every couple of years, even if to keep the hair on my chest if you know what I mean. The porn star stuff sounds exciting too, although I must admit, in all honesty, I am usually reasonably tame when it comes to my sexual explorations. I was not sure I was going to need a porn star experience. However, the website looked promising, and after reading the reviews on the site, I was hopeful that this would be a particularly adventurous sensual and sexual venture.

I am located in St. Petersburg, and the artist featured located closest to me was the lovely Madison Gregory. I thought she was a beauty and could not believe how fortunate I was; she was the one who was closest to me. I texted her directly for an appointment, and I booked the recommended three-hour rendezvous for the following week. I could hardly wait! 

When the appointment time came, I was a bundle of nerves. Madison looked dreamy, and the writing and presentation on the site were about the most upscale I have ever seen. Truthfully,  I was a bit intimidated. Would she like me? I am just an average looking middle-aged man in his early 50’s, and I just was not sure if a woman who looked like that and was so classy could find me attractive. 

I drove up to her location, an older, well-kept house in a residential area, very discreet. I knocked on the door, which was answered by Madison. Although she looks like her pictures,  I did not feel intimidated. She had a ready smile and was super warm and cheerful. The place was excellent on the inside, clean and luxurious. I felt comfortable and safe. 

I grabbed a shower, and we sat down and drank wine together, conversing. Madison has a great sense of humor, was an absolute riot. She had me laughing. She is quite an interesting girl, an artist, a painter. Any nervousness I had entirely gone by the time we finished our wine. 

We proceeded to the Nuru area. As she got undressed, I was in awe of her flat stomach, long legs, perky breasts, and fantastic backside.  She should never wear clothes with a body like that! Her Nuru skills are excellent. She knows what she is doing.  If you have never experienced Nuru before, put it on your bucket list. It is about the most incredible thing I have ever experienced actually. I considered myself a sensual massage enthusiast, but this has ruined me for all sensual massages because Madison’s Nuru Massage is that much better. Nuru Massage is some seriously hot stuff. She uses every part of her body in every part of my body. I could feel the heat on her body move onto mine with the Nuru gel. She says it is a special gel, a sexual lubricant, and I could tell. It was slick and wet and felt just incredible. Madison is a massage therapist and a yoga teacher, and you can tell that in her Nuru skills. I mean, she knew exactly where and how to touch me, it felt just perfect. I was able to watch her do this in the mirror she had by the bed. It was, indeed, a great touch. 

After I flipped over, she continued to Nuru Massage me while I now had a front view. I just loved the visual looking at her naked on top of me covered in the Nuru gel. We began kissing, and she was great at it. I played with her fantastic breasts, and you could tell she was enjoying it. I was comfortable with Madison, so I decided to share with her a long-time secret fantasy of mine. I had never acted on this fantasy but have wanted to for a long time. I remember reading that she offers light submission. I asked if I could tie her up and taste her. She said yes, and seemed turned on by the idea. She brought out some scarves, and I tied her arms together and her legs along with them. At first, I teased her beautiful lady cookie with my fingers. Then, I used my tongue, very gently at first, just teasing her and building her up. Soon, she was writhing against the scarves and begging me to lick her harder. I obliged and licked her clit while putting my finger deep inside of her, moving it in and out of her, and she moaned with passion. She begged for more, so I licked her clit harder and than put another finger deep inside her, moving it harder and faster. I could feel her juices flowing and her walls pulsating against my hand building up in intensity. Finally, she exploded, moaning her passion loudly as she came. I untied her, and we lay together for a minute, catching our breaths.

My cock was swollen and hard. Madison begged for me to put my cock in her mouth, which I did. She sucked me with incredible oral skills.  She has perfected a hand and mouth combination technique that I just loved.

I was ready to be inside her. I asked her to get on all 4’s as I wanted to look at her perfect butt while I was inside her. She obliged. I put on a cover and put myself inside her. She felt extremely tight.  We enjoyed the doggy style for a few minutes, but then I felt like a change. I laid back, and we continued with cowgirl. I wanted to look at her butt again, so I asked her to turn around, and we continued with reverse cowgirl. As she rode me, she started moving up and down, faster and faster, and I felt her walls tightening around my cock. I could tell she was going to come again. Just as she did, I did as well. I came while watching her perfect butt, moving up and down on me. It was a sensational experience in every way. I guess, after all, I had no problem acclimating to the porn star experience Classy Massages offers.

She cleaned me up with a hot towel from a crockpot, which was a nice touch. We talked for a bit more, drank more wine, and we cuddled. She is very affectionate. I just loved the way she touched me and had a way of making me feel sexy and attractive. I could tell she was really into me, and that meant a lot too. I have never actually experienced this genuine of a connection before in an escort type or sensual massage experience. She has a very gentle way about her that is very natural and quite comforting. 

We had about 20 minutes left, and she proceeded to give me an excellent therapeutic massage, probably one of the best I have ever received. I showered and left, very satisfied. I am now ruined for sensual massages forever. I will be back. I am now all about Nuru, and all about this beauty I discovered, Madison Gregory. I will be back very soon.