Heather Fields


Heather Fields

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Rachel’s Recommendation:

“Heather is breathtaking, and she has a great personality! You will find her a warm, witty, genuine person! She is our current top model number one recommended for her appearance, as she is our current most universally commented on aesthetically pleasing artist. Clientele consistently states her appearance is better than in her pics. Her face and body are a perfect ten; she is stunning!  Her derriere is reputed perfection. She is All-American originally from the Midwest. She has an exotic look to her, with waist-length dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and beautiful, flawless skin.

Heather has been with us for over six years! I have heard positive feedback after positive feedback from our clientele for years now! She is excellent at Gfe! She provides genuine, outstanding PSE! She is incredible at Companionship and Dinner Dates. Heather loves Extended Dates and Overnight Excursions.  She has superior Nuru Massage Skills. Heather is extremely open-minded. She is a highly intelligent, well-educated, very authentic, lovely person.  She has an extremely high-clientele repeat rating. Heather loves yoga and incorporates it into her sessions, delivering a very sensual, Tantric Experience. She is extremely well-traveled, classy, and highly upscale.  Her specialty is catering to distinguished/intelligent/refined mature men, taking her time, punctuality,  and consistent She always gives 100 Percent effort and always gives her all.   I recommend her highly!”



About Heather Fields:

“Are you a gentleman or a couple searching for an escape from your usual routine?

Are you seeking an incredibly passionate erotic escapade with a sensational looking young lady who exudes sensuality?

Do you desire the companionship of a woman who has that particular kind of radiance that lights up the room when she walks in the door? 

If so, you have found me a match! 

Punctuality, reliability, and all the things you expect in a high-class experience are yours for the asking. I am currently top-rated, as evidenced by my stellar reviews. 

My unique presentation of Japanese Nuru Massage skills, combined with Tantra, will create the spiritual/sensual connection you’ve long been searching for… 

I take pride in what I do. I always give 100% effort to ensure that you’ll come back for more. I’m proud to say that just about everyone who has seen me does comes back again and again. I guess you could say that I’m “highly addictive” in the right way. I don’t allow societally created taboos to get in the form of my innate passion. My enthusiasm for the sensual arts comes quite naturally. I sincerely love what I do, and it’s reflected in my presentation. 

I enjoy taking my time, never rushing. I’m very sensual, soft, slow, deliberate, as I’m an extremely focused person. I enjoy tantalizing the senses, slowly building up, using my instincts and intuition. I include ancient Far East “Tantra” techniques said to make “time standstill.”

I offer THE HIGHEST QUALITY, a MOST ELITE experience available in this genre. You will find my artistic presentation the most authentic and heartfelt expertise you have experienced. 

I work-out regularly to keep myself in top physical shape. My technique, combined with my athleticism, will leave you breathless…

My appearance, experience at my craft, and an incredibly positive attitude guarantee delivery of all the little things that matter, and so much more….  I LOVE what I do, and it shows in my 100% real, sensual, passionate delivery…

I not only offer you a devastatingly sexy appearance, but I’m intelligent, soft-spoken, and down-to-earth. For me, it’s about the connection we will make that transcends our session to one of the most incredibly passionate and highly evolved sensual escapades you WILL EVER encounter.  

You will find me an enticing mix of “good girl” and “wild girl.” Just being a “good girl” by itself would be way too predictable, and you would get bored quickly. Being a “wild girl” all the time would grow tiresome and lose appeal rather fast. You will find me a perfect synergy of both. I am simultaneously sweet and seductive. I am classy and genuinely a lady, but with enough sass, you won’t resist.

I work out regularly to keep myself in top physical shape. I will genuinely “rock your world” with my fit “Brickhouse style” body and my “expertise!” My techniques will leave you breathless…

My massage skills, combined with Tantra, Gfe, and Pse, will connect the mental, emotional, and spiritual experience you deserve.

I take pride in what I do and always give 100% of myself to ensure that you will come back for more. I’m proud to say that just about everyone who sees me comes back again and again. I guess you could say that I’m highly addictive in the right way.

Please understand that I’m not looking for a large client base and prefer a few select, quality gentlemen or couples. Because I’m selective, know that each time we meet, you and I will be more and more connected, mind and body.  Imagine all the benefits of an incredible physical and emotional relationship, without the usual complications.”

Heather Fields


Perfect 10 Enticing Model Type.

Gorgeous Face. Body to Die for.


Top Rated Nuru, Tantra, Gfe, & Pse!

100 Percent All-American, Exotic

Beautiful, warm, intelligent, and fun!


About Heather’s Authentic Nuru Gfe/Pse Massage Session:

I’m very experienced in the “art” of a Nuru Massage. Experience makes a difference. It means your time with me will be elevated to a superior, absolutely satisfying experience as I’ve perfected my craft over time. “Nuru” is a highly luxurious, pampering style massage originated in Japan. It has recently built up popularity here in the U.S.A. If you’ve never done it, you’re in for a treat. 

” ‘Nuru Massage’ is a luxurious pampering massage originated in Japan. If you’ve never done it, you’re in for a treat. I am currently offering my version of “Nuru Massage,” which is an infusion of my innate passions, intuition, and instincts, along with my authentic version of  Gfe, Pse, and Tantric elements.

During Nuru, I utilize every part of my body on every part of your body, as this is a very intense, highly athletic intimate body-to-body intricate massage style. It is truly a mindblowing experience. 

I love to take my time in everything I do, as I am very sensual, soft, slow, and deliberate, as I am very focused.  I enjoy tantalizing the senses, slowly building up, using both my instincts and intuition. I utilize ancient Far East “Tantra” techniques said to make “time standstill.”

I don’t let societally created taboos get in the way of giving you a complete MIND/BODY ONCE IN A LIFETIME TRANSCENDENTAL “Courtesan Style Erotic Escapade.”


I love giving pleasure and receiving pleasure, as well. I am very naturally in touch with myself sensually and able to know what other’s true sensual desires are as well without them even uttering a word.  I am said to have a type of “ESP” that allows me to know what it is that your body is desiring.


Session Lengths:


  In this type of experience, the longer the session, the better the experience.

3 hr. or 4 hr. Sessions are considered standard or basic sessions.

3 Hours are the basic recommended session length for someone seeking an unrushed experience. This session length gives you the perfect time to receive the full experience and truly savor our time together. It will provide us with a chance for us both to connect and manifest chemistry with one another!

4 Hours is the basic session recommended for those who receive professional massages regularly and genuinely love to luxuriate his senses (massage and bodywork connoisseurs). It is also available for others who want to thrive his or her feelings fully. This 4 Hour session will ignite our connection to a profound level. 

90 Minute and 2 Hour Sessions are also available if you have time limitations. 

I encourage you if you can find the time to book a “Luxury Session.” A “Luxury Session” is a Companionship/Dinner Session that is greater than 4 hours.

Overnights, full/multiple day dates are also available. 




Incall or Outcall:

Upscale private location or a visit to you are available…

5 Star Studio Spa’s location is completely private. Its location in an upscale residential area, very discreet, 100% safe. Inside, decadent, spacious, immaculate, with a fully stocked wine bar, changing room, and shower area. I supply every amenity one could desire. Mirrors around Nuru bed to enhance our session. When you walk in the door, incense and candles lit, music playing. I’m all about the small touches, intent upon not forgetting a single thing to deliver the ultimate, most sensational high caliber experience!

Visiting you is also available to your upscale area in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach areas.


I’m also open to travel to other areas here in Florida, throughout the U.S.A., or Internationally.



I am an All-American/Exotic. My skin is smooth, flawless, and tanned. I have dark hair with hypnotic hazel eyes, high cheekbones, and lush lips. I appear soft and natural-looking. I have never had anything altered or enhanced. 

I live a healthy lifestyle, and I am told my lifestyle is reflected in my appearance. 

Build: Athletic with Perfect Curves. 

Very impressive strong, long athletic legs and backside. 

Perfect perky full Breasts

Body Type:  Bikini Model Type Perfect Ten.

I have a VERY HIGH repeat rating! I rarely see someone, and they do not return. 

Pictures are 100 percent accurate and not altered or enhanced to deceive you. 

I take pride in the fact that my clientele often states I look much better than my pics in person.

My skin is smooth, flawless, tanned. I have dark hair with hypnotic hazel eyes, high cheekbones, succulent lips. 






Working out





Interior design


Booking An Appointment:

We believe in being a 100 percent discreet as we do NOT believe in Merchant Accounts or leaving a paper trail. We do not accept direct credit card payments. We DO NOT want to leave behind a paper trail and am sure you do not either.  A paperless trail using a gift card via Amazon.com (it is NOT a Merchant Account, and there is a way to do it that is 100 percent non-traceable) explained in the booking section of this website.  A 100 dollar deposit is preferred (not required) for all appointments booked in advance for more than a day to hold the date and time of your appointment with the artist of your choice. Please visit this link on our website when you are ready to book your appointment in advance for more information: Booking Link


Contact Information

Please Text Me Directly: 954 627 4143

Or Rachel Cohen Booking Assistant: 954 549 5010
A text message is the preferred method of initial contact. Do not call/do not leave a voicemail message. I do not answer the phone or return voicemail messages unless you are already an established client.
(I prefer text I do not check my email unless I am expecting something. My email address is only for usage if you have already corresponded with me and are sending me the information we discussed. If you have something detailed to send via email, please send me a text message so that I will know to check my email for it).


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