Faith Summers

Faith Summers

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“I understand the subtle needs of a gentleman in a way only experience and insight can manifest.

I am an extremely sensual Courtesan specializing in Head-to-Toe Pampering. I will cater to your needs like no other!

I am naturally sexually uninhibited and very comfortable in my own skin.

I am a sensual empath. A sensual empath is a highly erotic intuitive person by nature whom is able to instinctively read your body and respond to your needs without you needing to tell me what you need. I use my “intuition” and am guided by that without you needing to tell me what to do. This is a gift I was born with, which I have refined through time and experience.  If you are searching for a ridiculous amount of passion, genuine chemistry, and genuine connection, I am the answer to what you have long been seeking. The best part is, this will be without all the hassles and complications that a serious relationship can often bring.”

Faith Summers


Classically Beautiful All-American Woman!

Flawless Fair Skin!

All Natural Blonde hair:

Sparkling blue eyes!

100 % All Natural Perky D’s……. !!!

Authentic Nuru Japanese Massage, PSE/GFE, Tantra Techniques, and Companionship…

“I highly recommend Faith Summers for Courtesan Style GFE, PSE, Head to Toe Pampering, Tease and Build Up, Companionship, and  Incredible Japanese Nuru Massage. In person she is stunning, absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Her appearance is a cross between Cameron Diaz and a young Farrah Fawcett! She is a petite beauty who embodies grace and presence. She is truly a class act, charming, and a delight to be with in every way one can imagine.  She is sensual, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.  She is an incredible kind-hearted person, sweet, real, warm, with a phenomenal upbeat attitude. You will NOT be disappointed…. Have an exciting rendezvous with this sexy, playful woman, exuding sexuality from every pore…. You will have an otherworldly, highly erotic escapade, visiting a place of pure unadulterated bliss! I recommend her highly.”

– Rachel Cohen 


About Faith Summers:

If you are looking for a petite, leggy blonde haired mature model type, you have found her! 

Faith is delicate but athletic, graceful and sophisticated. Gentleman often remark the way she moves is very attractive.

She encompasses a Yogic lifestyle, performing daily Yoga to keep her body , mind, and spirit in top physical shape. She cannot show her face totally because of discretion, but rest assured  you will find her to be fresh faced, All-American beautiful!

If a cheerful attitude, and someone with warmth and enthusiasm is whom you seek, than she is the woman for you. She is very down-to-earth, sincere, and upbeat. She is very affectionate and accepting. She has a very big heart. 

If you are seeking incredible Nuru skills by someone who is extremely strong and flexible, you will absolutely love her technique. She often incorporates yoga into her sessions.  She gets really into her performance, and tries to be creative with it as possible. 

She is also excellent at relaxation massage therapy and deep tissue massage, including Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. 

You will find Faith well educated with advanced college degrees.

She is very soft-spoken.

Faith is a woman who is interested in a lot of things, well traveled, and knowledgeable about diverse topics. She knows quite a bit about world religions and many esoteric perspectives.

She is a very passionate person. She has a very soft, romantic side to her character that men seem to love about her. 

She is very upscale, classy, and sophisticated. She enjoys and appreciates the nicer things life offers. 

Faith truly understands how important having a person to share your romantic passions with in life is an absolute necessity.

You will not find someone as aesthetically pleasing, gentle mannered, sweeter, or more enthusiastic during your rendezvous. You will simply love her Nuru and GFE/PSE skills! 

Breathe in her intoxicating beauty, and allow yourself to become transcended into a Summer’s paradise named Faith…
She is a drop dead gorgeous, upscale, highly elite elegant sensual Goddess!
She is a paradise that can only be visited by a successful refined gent such as yourself, as she is highly discriminating.
You deserve the very best – never, ever settle for less.
She offers the very best in skills, attitude, class and appearance. 
 You will find her extremely intuitive with a style using a particularly sensual, delicate touch.
Extremely warm, passionate, and very real.
Appearance is flawless, skin fair and soft.
Her beauty shall leave you breathless.
Her skills will help you to visit Nirvana here on Earth.
Your hearts, soul, and passion will unite in sheer utter Sensual Bliss like you have never before experienced!

Faith Summer’s Hobbies:

 Yoga, Live Music, Boating, Fine Wine, Fine Dining, Dancing, Working Out, Traveling to Exotic Places, New Age Philosophy, Cuddling. 



What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage is a specific massage that was originated in Japan. Essentially, it is a very erotic type of massage using a water based sexual lubricant massage oil called Nuru. Using this delicious feeling sensual oil, Faith will rub her body against your body, slowly, seductively, getting really into it….. She uses skills, instinct, and the chemistry you create together to deliver the performance of a lifetime. She will use every part of her body against your body in the most enticing way possible.

What is Gfe/Pse?

Faith includes in her sessions very beautiful. authentic versions of GFE /PSE…

“Gfe” means girlfriend experience, the girlfriend you have always wanted but with no emotional strings attached.  Her version of “gfe” is the true version of “gfe”. Her particular version of a “gfe” experience means that basically things you do feel very natural, as if she were your actual girlfriend. There is nothing about her services or demeanor that would make you think that she was NOT your girlfriend or that she was a paid service.

“Pse” means is a gorgeously erotic escapade called PSE because in some ways it is similar to what being with a porn star would be like, as it is an experience that is very wild, uninhibited, open-minded and fun. Her particular version of PSE, however, is a unique version of it. It is delivered as a warm, classy experience with your natural passions expressed comfortably. She is a very real person whom you will be comfortable with, so you will both have oh so much fun exploring your taboo sides with one another. The experience is the furthest thing from mechanical.


What is Companionship? 

Companionship is sessions Greater than 4 Hours, where you have dinner, drinks, or perhaps attend an day or evening event together. It also includes a basic Gfe/Pse, Nuru/Tantr session, but you will also have time to truly connect and have an incredible time in one another’s company. The experience is the furthest thing from a paid service imaginable!


My Private Upscale Spa Location:

Faith’s “five-star” studio spa is completely private. It is located in an upscale residential area. It is very discreet and 100 percent safe. The inside is luxurious, spacious, and immaculate, with a fully stocked wine bar, changing room, and a shower area. Faith supplies every amenity you can possibly imagine. The walls are mirrored to enhance your session. When you walk in the door, candles and incense will be lit, and music will be playing. The Private Spa is location really an incredible, decadent experience not to be missed.

Visiting Your Upscale Location:

Faith also enjoys visiting you if that is your preference. She can visit your upscale location in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Palm Beach as well as it’s surrounding areas.  She will bring everything we will need for a session (Nuru massage gel, music, etc.) so you do not need to supply anything. 


Session Lengths:

Faith encourages if you are able to find the time to book the “Longer Luxury Session,” as in this type of experience the longer the session the better the experience. These are sessions greater than 4 hours. 

3 hr. or 4 hr. sessions are considered the standard or basic session.

3 Hours is the basic recommended session length for someone seeking a non rushed Gfe/Pse Tantra Nuru Experience. This gives you the perfect time to receive the full experience and truly savor your time together, and a give a chance for you both to really connect and manifest chemistry with one another!

4 Hours is the basic session recommended for those who receive professional massages regularly and truly love to fully luxuriate his senses (massage and body work connoisseurs), and others who really want to fully luxuriate his or her senses, , igniting our passions on a very deep level. 

2 Hour Sessions are also available if there are time limitations. 

Overnights, full/multiple day dates are also available. 







Open to Travel locally, internationally, and Worldwide. Please message requests for further information. 

Booking An Appointment:

We believe in being a 100 percent discreet as we do NOT believe in Merchant Accounts or leaving a paper trail. We prefer to not accept direct credit card payments. We DO NOT want to leave behind a paper trail and am sure you do not either.  A paperless trail using a gift card via (it is NOT a Merchant Account and there is a way to do it that is 100 percent non-traceable) is explained on the booking section of this website.  A 100 dollar deposit is preferred (not required) for all appointments booked in advance more than a day to hold the date and time of your appointment with the artist of your choice. Please visit this link on our website when you are ready to book your appointment in advance for more information : Booking Link




Contact Information

Please Text: 954 394 3326
(Text message is the preferred method of initial contact. Do not call/do not leave a voicemail message. I do not answer the phone or return voicemail messages unless you are already an established client.


(I prefer text to email as I do not check my email unless I am expecting something).

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