Little Latina Firecracker Renee

I have been a long time client here at Classymassages. I have a physical type I’m most attracted to, exotic, petite with curves. I noticed a new girl had been added to the site who fit my preferences. I was super excited! Plus, I noted that she was a Latina woman from Columbia.  Talk about hitting the jackpot, I mean, I just LOVE Columbian women! 
Her name is Renee Skyler. She’s a solid little package of dynamite in person. She’s really adorable, a spunky lil’ firecracker. She has a great personality, and is very upbeat and personable.  
If you’re new to Classymassages, you’re in for quite the treat. The place is great. The women who work there are excellent. Rachel, the girl who runs it, is very efficient.  Like its name says, it’s a very classy service.  
I opted for my standard three-hour appointment. The three hours is the time they recommend as a standard session. I agree as I find it the perfect amount of time for me, as I don’t like to be rushed. The three hours also gives me time to spend with the women there, and create a connection that consistently has led me to have optimal experiences.
I knocked on the door of the hedonistic remote hideaway of Classymassages Spa. Renee opened it. She was wearing a bathing suit and cover that matched her pictures!. She looks exactly like her pictures, but with a certain sizzle that they just did not capture. She has an adorable giggle and a ready smile that made me immediately smitten by her. 
As usual, the atmospheric effects of the spa captivate my senses, and I find it almost as seductive as Renee is herself. This place simply pulls out all the stops!  
I grabbed a quick shower, put on the robe, and slippers ready for me in the changing room.  Renee poured us wine, which we drank together, sitting in the dining area.  We chatted briefly. She shared with me she’s in nursing school. I loved the idea of her as a nurse – super hot! She is extremely warm, intelligent, open, and friendly!  I did not notice a Spanish accent and found her English perfect. 
Soon after that, she suggested we begin the Nuru fun, and our adventure started…
She had me undress out of my robe and lay down on my stomach. I turned my head and watched her reflection in the wall mirror as she slid out of her outfit. Her body is spectacular. Her breasts are large and firm and gorgeous, and her ass is fantastic. I was reminded again why I love Latin women; it’s their butts, hips, and thighs. They are made perfectly for all the things I was about to do with her. 

Her Nuru skills are exceptional. Her technique is slow and deliberate, and she is very naturally gifted with an intuition of sorts knowing where and how to touch, and for how long to hold pressure. She knows instinctively when to go deeply, and when to go softly. She used a combination of her hands, breasts, and feet at different times and sometimes all two and even three all at the same time. She used her nails to scratch me here and there, and also to drop little kisses on my backside and on my neck here and there. I was really, really happy.

When I flipped over, she continued her Nuru administration, only this time, I was looking up, so I was looking right at her. She is a gorgeous woman. Her curves are outstanding. She has sexy dark bedroom eyes that you can almost get lost in. Her technique with the perfect amount of tease and build-up involved got me hard even before she touched me. Soon we were passionately kissing – Renee really knows how to kiss. When she finally went to touch me, I was so hard I just could not hold back. I blasted off unexpectedly. I was embarrassed at first, but she gave me a reassuring smile and told me I was in good hands (so to speak), and not to worry. I was worried, though, as I am usually a one and done type of guy. But it was wasted energy, because Renee somehow, someway, performed a miracle. Within minutes actually, she had me rigid again. I was rock hard. Her mouth was exceptional. She sucked me with the perfect amount of pressure cupping her hands on my balls.  I was in heaven in her mouth for a long time. It was probably the best oral I have ever received. She has quite a lot of tricks. After a while, I decided to return the favor and had her lay back spread-eagled. She has perfect full pussy lips and is completely shaved. I gently flicked her clit with my tongue and she moved and moaned against me pressing her pussy deep into my face. She tastes sweet as sugar, and she is sopping wet. I slipped my finger inside her and felt her tight walls wrap around me as I moved in and out of her. I licked her clit harder, and fingered her harder, until finally, she came moaning, her walls convulsing against my finger, her juices splashing against my face. After she finished, she reached up and grabbed a condom, and expertly placed it on my cock using her mouth. My erection was still as hard as a 21-year-old boy’s, ready to go, so the cover went on with no difficulty.  I liked having her lay down spread-eagled, so I had her do it again. Only this time, I entered her missionary position. She moaned in appreciation as I could tell she loved taking my cock inside her. She seemed like she could not get enough of it. Her legs were wide open, and after a few minutes of fucking her with them apart, I decided to close them together, so they were extra tight around my cock.  It felt so good like this it almost made me come. But I still was rock hard and going. I decided to lay back and have her ride me reverse cowgirl so I could watch her beautiful ass move up and down against me. I knew I would not be able to last much longer. I decided to finish doggy style, and per my request got on all 4’s. I mounted her, grabbed her beautiful breasts, and started gently thrusting. She begged for me to do it harder. Holy shit that did it for me. I started thrusting into her faster and faster until I knew I was ready. I pulled out, took the cover off, and came all over her fabulous ass.
She cleaned us off using hot towels from the crockpot. We cuddled for a bit, drank some more wine, and she finished our session with an expert massage on the massage table. 
It was hard to believe that the three hours I booked went by so fast. Renee is outstanding and incredible in every way you can imagine. I am so happy, it is not even funny. I mean, I could not possibly have been any happier with the place, with the quality of the services provided, and Renee’s sexy appearance and her perky personality.
Although all the girls at Classymassages are great, to me, Renee is extra sweet, extra smart, and really, really talented. Plus, to me, she is extra hot. I recommend her highly.  She gives her all and goes that extra mile to please.