Have a Little Faith

I visit Florida twice a year, and each time for about 5 years now I make sure to stop to pay a visit to Classymassages.  Classymassages is a phenomenal place, and I have never been disappointed in any way in the quality and class of the ladies I have met frequenting this  Network.

The Incall location is outstanding, Rachel the assistant is fantastic at booking appointments, and the women who work there are all great.


I am a Mature man in my later 60’s, and 18 year olds are not my current preference. In the past, the majority of the girls at Classymassages were in their 20’s to early 30’s I believe, and that had suited me just fine. The ladies I have seen in the past in that age bracket have all been great. There is something to be said, however, about a more “seasoned” woman. I saw the advertisement on Classymassages website for Faith, who was a slightly mature, stunning, slender, sexy all natural busty, all natural blonde, and I knew she was the perfect choice for me to be the next artist I was going to see. 

After knocking on the door of the discreet hideaway, I was greeted by a beautiful vision in red heels and matching red lingerie. The red against her pale skin and her wholesome gorgeous face took my breath away for a minute, I mean she was simply stunning. First of all,  she IS obviously an actual natural blonde. She is All-American, has that very fresh wholesome, farm girl type of beauty. I found her graceful, and she is well spoken with a sexy voice. She has long, toned athletic legs, a perfect tight body, and great skin.Her eyes are cat shaped, bright blue, high cheekbones, and she has a beautiful smile. She is super easygoing with an upbeat demeanor, and presents herself warm and quite playful.

We began our evening rendezvous with light conversation and wine. She poured us both Cabernet from the wine bar, and we chatted briefly. She actually looked a touch younger than I expected, as usually women look older than their stated age. She has a way about her that I could tell that I was indeed in the presence of a woman who knew how to treat a man.

The Incall of Classymassages has a Spa Like Ambiance, and the remote hideaway quickly turns into a Tantric Far East Palace, filled with lit candles, incense, and seductive music. I had selected 4 hours to spend with this lovely Goddess… and after meeting her, my only one regret was I wish it could have been longer. 

Conversation was great, and it flowed quite easily just like the Cabernet we drank. It was soon time for the Nuru fun to begin….

She led me to the shower, where I washed off briefly. I put on the plush robe and slippers laid out for me. When I came out of the bathroom, she was waiting for me by the Nuru Bed. She had changed into a Kimono. She untied the Kimono, letting it fall, and soon stood in front of me in full naked perfection.  Her ample ALL NATURAL breasts were simply spectacular, perky, flat stomach, and perfect skin with no scars.  She was almost completely shaved -lips were definitely bare, though she had a very very small, trimmed tidy blonde landing strip. I could not believe my eyes that  a woman could be so my physical type…. I love All American women who are naturally busty and athletic. I mean, I was simply in Heaven. 

She led me to the Nuru Bed, and I laid down with my head turned to the side watching her in the mirror. This Sex Vixen covered her beautiful breasts in the glistening Nuru Oil, and started the Nuru Massage by pressing them gently into me. She moved in a way only the highly intuitive insight of a highly experienced woman could move. I could feel the softness of her perfect skin, the feel of her breath as she moved, the inside of her thigh, her hot, wet pussy pressing into me…… her landing strip felt so hot rubbing into me having not felt pubes on a grown woman in many years. She began kissing my neck and I could feel the fall of her soft hair on my back while she did it. She somehow she was working the magic of her toe into my hard cock at the same time. She was flexible and lithe, with the grace of professional ballerina and the flexibility of an Olympic Gymnast. I really WAS  in Heaven. After what seemed minutes, she had me turn over, and I took the vision in, realizing I was the most turned I have ever been. There was something about Faith that was so sexual it was simply  hard to believe. She was a beauty, yes, but so much more! So much sexuality oozing from her.  So much skill!

After she turned me over, she turned her back to me and I was able to get a complete visual of her perfect pussy. I began to taste her, and she was fucking delicious.  She began  administering expert, slow hands, that soon flowed from her hands to her mouth instead, bringing me to the brink and back, brink and back, for what seemed hours.  It was a truly magical experience. I am not sure how long it lasted, but just when I thought I could not take anymore,  her mouth moved up my body. She left trails of ridiculous pleasure up and down my body with her body and mouth. After awhile, we started passionately kissing, her tongue hungry. It was super intense. Her body against my body felt absolutely perfect. It felt like time was standing still. She stopped kissing me then looked into my eyes, and the sexual energy between us what palpable. The next thing I knew I felt her pussy and it’s wetness pressing against my swollen cock. She put a raincoat on my cock using her mouth, and I then slipped inside her. It was very tight. We began to move together in a perfect Tantra type sexual rhythm. We moved in a rocking motion, and her extraordinary tightness soon seemed to take on a mind of it’s own. She took me to the brink and back with her pussy over and over again. Finally, looking into this Goddess’ eyes, I exploded. She exploded too. I could feel her pussy convulsing against my hard cock as we orgasmed together. Her unbelievable tightness milked out my every last drop. 

We had a few minutes left, and she brought over hot wet cloths from a heater and wiped me down then dried me off. Spa type pampering at its best! We cuddled, had pillow talk, and drank a little more wine. After a bit, she took me to the massage table, and gave me an excellent light massage, totally relaxing me. She definitely knows how to give a real massage.

She says she specializes in companionship dates and overnights, so I will consider that next time. I asked about the rates and she says contact Rachel the assistant for a quote, but the more hours you book with her the less expensive per hour, so knowing that I am definitely going to consider a longer experience next time. 

It was a great experience in every way. I was very grateful, as this experience was the best I could have ever hoped for. I normally see someone different each time, but this beauty is custom fit for my needs, and I will be back to see her again for sure. She is the most erotic woman I have ever been with. I highly, highly recommend Faith Summers. 

(XXX Unedited Adult Escort Tantra Gfe /Pse Body Rub Nuru Massage Review Faith Summers}