Green Eyes, Fair Skin, Freckles

Well, I guess I would start by saying Wow…! 
I booked a 12 hour overnight excursion with the model Rebecca who happened to be visiting South Florida when I was also visiting.  I figured dinner, drinks, dessert, passion, followed by a sleep snuggle partner was just what the doctor ordered. Booking was simple, the screening process was painless, done in just a few text message exchanges. 
I really enjoyed my evening with Rebecca, she was easy to talk with, we seemed to click within the first few minutes of dinner. I loved every minute of the evening with her, she is an amazingly beautiful young lady. She had the sweetest soft kisses, I absolutely loved them, her flawless fair skin, her soft lips and freckles made it hard to take my eyes off her all evening. 
She is bright and an excellent conversationalist. She has a very peaceful sort of energy combined with oozing sex appeal. She obviously works out and is in great shape without being too thin, just perfect. 
Her massage skills are exceptional. She has a perfect body for Nuru it is so juicy and firm and looked and felt so good against mine. 
She is a Tantra practitioner. What that is is a type of sexual healer using spiritual techniques to enhance the experience. It was my first time trying this. I cannot say enough positive things about her techniques on me. She is a master of this craft indeed.  I was completely blown away. Her touch left me hard for hours without the need to complete. It was quite an out of body experience. 

Sexually, she is like your long term girlfriend but totally open-minded with zero inhibitions. She is so warm and down-to-earth she made me feel so paid attention to. Her kissing skills are about the best I have ever experienced. Her oral skills are beyond human. Her lady part is absolutely divine. 

We slept together after pillow talk in one another’s arms. It was really special.

She’s a special young lady in my eyes, I would love to see her again if I happen to visit South Florida again at the same time she is. Or maybe a trip to her Hometown in Dallas would be possible.