Faith: Furthest Thing From Boring

Call me boring, but all I want in an erotic experience with a woman is an unrushed experience, stimulating conversation, head-to-toe pampering where I feel like a King, and a few hours of physical intimacy with a smoking hot woman. You would not believe how rare this is to find. By the time you get past all the bells and whistles of an advertisement and make an appointment, an unsophisticated, somewhat attractive girl shows up, and more often than not she is usually young enough to be my daughter. Younger women are not a physical turn off for me, but they are often a mental one. My experience before finding Classymassages had been that the girl I ordered off the advertisement was only able to make mundane conversation at best, had no personality to speak of,  and she was not particularly skilled. They always rushed the experience wanting it to end and I was turned off not only mentally but also physically because I feel their sense of authenticity missing. I mean I can tell when a girl is checked out and I just do not want to fuck a machine. 

I was actually referred to Classymassages by a longtime close friend after 7 or 8 previous unsatisfactory visits to other various South Florida providers I had found on the internet. After  finding Faith at Classymassages, I decided I am done with young girls 18 to early 20’s, done with South Beach bleached blonde’s with implants, and done with girls who cannot speak my same language, or if they do they have nothing interesting to say.

I visited the site of Classymassages my friend referred me to, and when I saw the pictures of Faith Summers I was duly impressed. This time, however, I really wanted something more than just another pretty face. I wanted connection. I want a personality. I wanted skills. I had a feeling Faith was going to have all these things I wanted, and I was right. Faith Summers has all those and more. She is the answer to exactly what I have long been seeking.

She is extremely hot to look at.  She looks better than pictures. She has a breathy voice like Marilyn Monroe and a classy demeanor. She is extremely intelligent. She is Spiritual, into meditation and yoga. She is educated and well traveled. 

The Incall is outstanding, high class, and clean as a whistle. Gorgeous, best I have visited by far. 

She offered a selection of wine, and I chose a tasty chilled white wine.  We actually ended up drinking a whole bottle between us. We really had a good time conversing, getting to know each other.  She is a fun, funny, wild woman! 

Faith is a licensed massage therapist. She used her massage skills, massaging everything of mine with everything of hers. It is called Nuru Massage I was told and I just loved it.  She oiled her gorgeous self up and rubbed it all over me while I watched her doing it. Her body is so fucking hot to look at, especially all oiled up like that. It felt so good I could not believe it was actually happening.  It looked just as good as it felt. She spent almost a full hour doing this, it was the best build up I ever experienced. 

Her face is drop dead gorgeous and so is her body. 

Her breasts are spectacular and natural, defying gravity.

There is a complete full menu selection. She is quite uninhibited. 

Her sexual skills are just incredible. 

She has a great pussy. Tight, fragrant, wet, with pink shaved puffy perfect lips. Multi orgasmic. No faking, just a very horny woman. Her pussy knows so many tricks.

She enjoys receiving oral. I did it for over an hour and I could tell she loved every second of it. She is so very delicious and wet.

She loves giving oral. Her oral skills are probably the best I have ever experienced.  I especially enjoy slow, long oral, and that is exactly what she did for me.

She also quite enjoys receiving cock. We did missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and reversed cowgirl. 

She has this way of closing her legs when she came that would almost make me lose my load every time. It was amazing. 

The fucking was just outstanding. I am a man who likes to fuck for hours.

When I finished giving her oral and over an hour of fucking, I received about an hour of oral, and when I finally could not hold back anymore, she slowly, expertly brought me to the best climax  I ever head, it was very intense, and she swallowed every last drop of my load – with a smile.  It was so hot to watch her it was ridiculous. 

For me, this was perfect. A classy woman, a classy private location, all in a sunny afternoon.

I had to wait almost a week to get in to see Faith as she is best booked ahead, but it was worth it. I had booked the 4 hour session last time, so I think the next time I will book a longer companionship date of 8 hours and also take her out for dinner and drinks in addition. An experience with Faith is the best of its kind.


(unedited version )

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