Exciting Escape With An Exotic Beauty Ayden

I am a man who has high standards about what I expect in a VIP escort companion. After viewing Ayden Gold’s gorgeous long legs, I was ready. This visit to Classymassages is my 11th time visiting the hedonistic getaway. The last time I utilized Classymassages, my expectations were not only met but exceeded. On my first visit back to this Nuru paradise after spending time traveling abroad, I had asked for Ayden Gold, but unfortunately, she was not available. It was the same day request, and I was fortunate enough to be able to see a different young lady who happened to be available. She was fantastic, in every way, just not the ideal physical type I was seeking at this time. Variety is the spice of life, but I guess I just want what I want when I want it. And Ayden is what I wanted physically; I was in the mood for a bit exotic, tall, and thin with smaller breasts. The other lady was a little bit too top-heavy and short for my tastes on that day, although indeed quite a looker. Other then that, it was a phenomenal experience, but I guess I just felt like having what I felt like having. So I tried for Ayden again on another same day request, and unfortunately, she was also busy on that particular day, so this time I tried another girl, a taller girl, on the site I had seen before. Again, another incredible experience, but really wanted Ayden. The third time I pressed my luck and hit the jackpot on the same day request. I called the next morning, and she was available that same night. Oh boy, was I excited!
I was beyond happy. Ayden ended up as good as the others as far as personality and skills. She is excellent in every way. And yes, she is an exact match to her pics, even hotter. 
Classymassages is excellent; I mean just great. It is a private house location, not a hotel or storefront, and it is not in a condominium — great, discreet place.  On the inside, I appreciate how clean, spacious it was. Luxurious is an understatement, as it is quite an elaborate setup. 
When I knocked on the door, it was opened by the lovely Ayden, finally getting to meet in person. She is an exotic 35-year-old hottie with tanned golden skin, full lips, brown hair, and those dark bedroom eyes I love. She is tiny boned, tall, and thin with perky breasts. She is very tone. Looking at Ayden, you can tell she works out. She is almost all legs. She has cute perky boobs. I was in Heaven; she WAS just the physical type I wanted at that moment.
She has a very feminine, sexy voice, which is a massive turn-on for me. She is soft-spoken, almost purring like a cat when she talks. It was scorching; when I heard her voice, my cock got hard right away. 
She was warm and down-to-earth and unpretentious, which made me comfortable. She was so damn cute. I would have been nervous otherwise. I followed her into the main room, and she offered me wine. I selected Pinot Grigio (which she told me was her favorite), and we drank it together, getting to know one another. She just oozed sex in every way, from the way she talked, laughed, and even moved. I wanted to bang her right away, but I had signed up for a 4-hour experience and wanted to take my time.  One of the things I learned from my last two encounters at Classymassages is that they know how to treat a VIP like a VIP. I have traveled all over the country, all over the world actually, experiencing every high-end experience that exists. By far, this is the best service I have ever experienced, anywhere, hands down. 
Our session progressed to the physical part after we finished drinking our wine. Soon, my Sex queen began the start of the infamous Nuru Massage. These Nuru Massages have quickly made me addicted to them. Classymassages provide these Nuru Massages that are likely going to leave me bankrupt. Ayden’s Nuru Skills are superb.
So Ayden undresses in front of me, her naked body is golden brown and perfect. She covers her entire body in this glistening Sex Oil that looks so incredibly delicious. You cannot believe your eyes. She puts on a show rubbing the oil onto her beautiful body and then proceeds to rub my body with hers, using her breasts, her lady parts, her feet, her hands, her mouth – oh my God, it was fantastic. As good as it looked, it FELT even better! The ambiance was great, there were mirrors everywhere, so if I was not looking at her directly, I could still get some intense visuals.  Ayden is physically flexible and knows quite a few tricks (must be all that Tantra stuff!).  Time was lost. I mean, I have no idea how long I was there, but it felt so incredible and the best build-up imaginable.
Ayden has mad intuition, as she reads my body like it is braille. She knows exactly where to touch, how to touch, and to touch for how long. She knows exactly when to speed up and when to slow down.
She is a very passionate, talented kisser, kissing me like we had been in a relationship forever but with none of the strings or complications.
After the Nuru Massage on my back completed, I rolled over, and she put her beautiful pussy against my face, and I ate her while she blew me. She is fantastic at sucking cock. She is one of the best I have ever experienced, using a combination of slow and fast technique while hands on my balls at the same time. The connection was incredible, she was hot, her pussy lips full, her clit big, and her thighs felt firm as I pressed my face into them as I sucked her. She orgasmed her juices into my face many times. She gets sopping wet. She tastes fantastic. It takes a lot of work to make me come, but Ayden was very patient and diligent in her techniques. She could have made me come but I knew she wanted to get fucked so I did not want to waste it in her mouth. After sucking me almost to the point of no return, I knew the time to fuck had finally come. I could not hold off anymore. She expertly put on a condom with her mouth and climbed on top of me. Her tightness was incredible. Looking down at me with her dark brown bedroom eyes and beautiful face turned me on so much it was all I could do not to come then and there. Intuitively she stopped moving right before I did, got on all 4’s, and I gave it to her doggy style. Her ass looked great. She has a fantastic shapely ass. She took my cock deep inside moaning, begging me to give it to her harder and deeper, so I did. She orgasmed again, and the pulsating of her pussy as she came finally threw me over the edge, and I could not wait any more, and I finally exploded into her as she was finishing her last orgasm. 
The 4 Hours was perfect. Ayden wiped me down, and we cuddled and laughed together for a bit.
She gave me a hot stones table massage with the last 20 minutes, and we took a shower together after.
Hot as hell. Fantastic fuck with a fantastically tight, fresh pussy. High-class lady. Great place. She does outcall as well. I highly recommend.
She is gorgeous. She is an extraordinarily incredible person to spend time with, a genuinely talented lover, and a Nuru Sex Queen.
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