Deliciously Decadent Nuru

I have frequented Classymassages for many years now, and I’ve always been pleased with the incredible independent artists on the site. I have never been disappointed and typically been thrilled, but recently I had fallen into a pattern of only repeating with ladies I knew. Rachel told me about Ava Paloma, and assured me that I would like her.  As always, Rachel was dead-on. 

It was time for something new, and Ava was perfect. Making the arrangements with Rachel is always as easy and painless as possible and Ava was ready and waiting when I arrived. Promptness is something I’ve come to appreciate with Classymassages ladies.

Fellas, Ava is a knockout. Her body type is “brickhouse” – i firm and curvy with well-proportioned ample TNA! A real feast for the eyes.  Her smile is intoxicating and her laugh is dangerous to the heart. Right away she put me at ease and made sure I had everything I needed.  I also think she really likes a man in a suit, because she could stop complimenting how I was dressed, especially as she helped me out of it and hung it with care.
I took a quick shower in the well-appointed restroom (everything you might need – soaps, shampoo, body wash, fresh toothbrush in packaging, mouthwash with cups – all extra-mile) and she took that opportunity to switch from her gorgeous dress into a lovely silk robe. You can always tell how great things are when even the small details are attended to.
At my request (and her offer) we enjoyed a little bit of Savignon Blanc and had a flirtatious conversation to help me leave my day behind and immerse myself in experience. She put me completely at ease. She has a way of leaning in, and lightly touching my arm and thigh that makes the experience so personal.
Eventually it was time for me to lay down and relax, and she began the sensual rub. Ava is a master of the slow build-up. The touch starts light. First just her hands, then solitary parts of her body. Her leg along my side, her forearm across my back, a light brushing of her hair or her lips, Then it builds. She slid her breasts across my lower back and ass to where I am just aware of her firm, erect nipples.  A little play with her fingernails on the back of my neck as she carefully climbs on top of me. She presses herself against me and nibbles at my ear, talking suggestively in sensual Spanglish (a deliberate choice, her English is excellent).  As she soothes my lower back, she lowers her loins against my leg so I can feel how hot and welcoming her love canal promises to be… will I experience that? I don’t know yet, but I know I want to.
There is a teasing period, a build of desire, where she erotically massages my body with hers, but contact only gets tantalizingly close – never quite touching between my legs.  I become very hard.  My sexual desire becomes palpable.  Closer, ever closer, her nails ALMOST there, her lips brushing near the gluteal crease, until I am lifting my waist from the bed in painful desire – my erection too firm to remain under my weight without relief.  Then, the lightest touch against my scrotum! It feels like heaven. Her nails trace the ridge of my taint and I shuddered.  She gently cups my balls and lightly extends her fingertips along the base of my shaft and leans in to kiss my ear – asking “is that for me?” – Perfection.

It is time for me to roll onto my back, and I am so aroused that my manhood stands up. Defying gravity it will not rest against my abdomen, no it demand attention! And, again to my delight, she doesn’t give it any.  She resumes her tease, but this time not as long.  She is gazing at me hungrily, her eyes moving from mine to view my dick, and back again.  She climbs on top of me and allows her breasts, then her belly and eventually her thighs to feel my arousal.  Only sparingly does she use her hands down there, she much prefers to have them hold my face as she kisses me.  Slowly she slides down and takes me in her mouth. Its a hungry mouth, she enthusiastically devours me – almost worshipful in her attention.  My breath comes more quickly, I start to squirm and moan and she pauses. “Like this? Don’t you want to be inside me?”  I am fortunate I didn’t lose it right there I was so close, and that question so erotic.

“Yes” I tell her. “I want to feel you”

She delicately applies a cover and lowers herself onto me.  Even though it, I can feel that she is soaked and the warmth was a furnace. No faking here, she truly desired her own pleasure as well. Slowly at first, and then with more vigor, she used my firm dick for her own pleasure – with my enthusiastic blessing.  She looked deep into my eyes and passionately kissed me until her own shuddering orgasm, I could feel her warm juices dripping down between my legs.  The cover gave me new life, enough time to return some of the pleasure she gave me.  Eventually I took control, rolling her over and dominating her from behind, telling her how she made me feel directly into her ear until she turned enough to resume her passionate kissing.  I filled the cover with my seed for what seemed like an eternity – rarely have I orgasmed so forcefully. When I finally extracted myself, she took the condom away and gently cleaned me… but she wasn’t finished.  She took advantage of my post-coital sensitivity and tease and pleasure me some more with her mouth and fingertips until I had to make her stop.

There was no effort to rush me out. She was dick-drunk and understood I was spent as well. Another shower (the Nuru gel cleans so easily!) and she helped me dress, thanking me and asking me back.  The completely time was honored, and all of it as service to me. 

This was a complete experience. Professionalism and courtesy in the arrangements. A beautiful and friendly companion. And true erotic artistry during our time.

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