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“I love the term “artist” that Classymassages’  likes to use versus the more somewhat more caustic word “Provider.” Since experiencing sessions with the “Artists” at,  I am completely ruined for all others in this industry. I am going to stick with this service for all my “adult” needs . Once you have experienced this type of a high caliber performance, anything else you may experience will simply pale in comparison.”

Client 1


“I have been seeing body rub, escort, and Tantra providers/companions for a very long time, and I had learned the hard way that majority of these most often less expensive ladies simply don’t meet my requirements. 1000 roses a session is the lowest I usually am comfortable going.  An escort or body rub lady who offers quick sessions of 90 minute or less sessions does not sit well with me.  A shorter session may be OK for the average Joe, but I am not your average Joe, and I can afford to be pampered. I simply do not want to be rushed. A session less than two hours for a high end service cannot possibly fulfill my needs of pampering that lead me to be able to have the physical and emotional connection I need. 1000 roses and up and a session minimum of two hours, although really I prefer a 3 hour minimum, is a guarantee that this is a high caliber type of artist who is about providing a quality experience indeed.”

 Client 2


“I have seen a total of 9 artists at in almost 5 years. I was even lucky enough to see Goddess Eden who actually developed the technique before she retired.  I have repeated more than once with every lady I have seen. I have even had a Nuru Couple Experience with my wife.  Classymassages’ rates have increased steadily. To me, price increases are a very good sign. This place knows really knows how to run a high end type of network with consistent high quality service. “

Client 3


“I know the lady who runs Classymassages. She is a regular girl who was established herself as a high ranked provider at one point. I am very comfortable because she is established in the industry. She is able to ascertain a safety vibe I like. When it comes down to it, safety really is the most important thing to me, and Classymassages is just that – safe.”

Client 4


“I like the new stricter requirements Classymassages mandates for looks. Classymassages has always offered tens in service and location imho, but only 2 of the ladies were tens, most were btwn 7 to 9. They got rid of the less attractive girls, and now there are 4 ladies I have seen that are listed and in person they are all freaking gorgeous 10s.”

Client 5


“Classymassages has provided great service almost 6 years strong and has been superior in location and skill set  I also love the incall, it is simply outstanding. It is one room, very big, and always spotless, with that “classy” vibe reflective of it’s name.”

Client 6


“Every lady I have seen at Classymassages  has been at their “higher end rate” but believe me you they have all been worth their weight in gold. When it comes to my “Johnson,” I guess I simply just don’t want a bargain, I truly just want the best. Also, it is easier for me to pay for a sure thing than waste time looking for a discount experience, which 9 times out of 10 will definitely turn out to be a waste of money.”

Client 7


I just don’t like to think of how many other guys a less expensive provider may have to see in one day in order to make the same amount of money as a girl at makes in just one session.  Classymassages’ guarantees that the artists NEVER see more than one client per day, no exception. I am VERY appreciative that I am the only client Classymassages sees a day. Artists always SAY the the artists are required never to see more than one client per day, but when you look at their rate you can tell by how low you know it is not the truth.  I do actually believe in Classymassages that this statement is true simply because the facts are there. The number of “roses” per session is very generous, and the artists additionally offer an average session length of three hours so it makes sense to me they actually are all about quality NOT quantity. Like I mentioned, when I see a rate that is less than 1000 a session, it makes me quite nervous as there is probably a reason that they are so low, and it is never a good one. I do not want a rough Backpageish style provider, or a service that has 1000 ads up at once in different places.  I like that Classymassages is minimal when it comes to advertising  They never advertise as a service, which just screams low class to me, and services that advertise as services everywhere you look also make me nervous indeed. Classymassages is a network I was told, not a service. Services are red flags of danger to me, as I just not an average person who can afford any risks being affiliated on email mailing lists and such.  Never see an ad for Classymassages, ever. Just the website on google search.  All that combined with the 1000 and up per session range that has been going up for so many years now and will probably keep rising gives me a certain reassurance if you will. 

Client 8


“Honestly, I am a fairly mature man and at this point in my life really know what I want when spending time with a woman. When seeking this particular type of experience, I prefer to spend my time with a woman who is not only beautiful in appearance but one who has intelligence, class and a sense of humor. For me to truly enjoy this experience, it cannot be with someone who is  completely superficial. They must have depth, warmth, and class. I prefer to spend my time with someone who is warm and very genuine, not an actress dripping with insincerity.  I find that the artists at Classymassages embodies all those traits and so much more.”

Client 9


“The actual “Spa” itself is a combination of discreet, spotless, and by far the best type of atmosphere I have ever experienced. It is all about the little touches that matter to add up to a lot. I love that the location is totally private, not a hotel,  not a condo with a guard gate, or not a low class store front of a main highway. It is located in a private location in a quiet high end residential area. The “Spa” has  aromatic candles lit everywhere, mirrors on the walls, a massage table, a huge Nuru bed, and when you walk in there is sensual music playing. The “Spa” is very spacious, much bigger looking than the pictures show. I love that there is a fully stocked wine bar that not only has wine and champagne, but also has bottled water, soda, and Gatorade. There is a changing room, a jacuzzi, and a fully stocked bathroom with everything I could ever need and a strong shower with lots of hot water. They leave out a freshly laundered bathrobe and new slippers to change into along with oversized Turkish style soft bath towel and high quality hand cloths. Even the linens on the massage table are of high quality. All those “little touches” add up and mean a lot to a guy such as myself. Trust me, a place with these types of touches in this industry is relatively unheard of.”

Client 10


“I usually prefer to go to the Spa, but Classymassages also offers outcalls and can visit me. When I was not in the mood to go somewhere, a couple times I have had the “artists” come out and visit me at my South Florida home. I felt very safe having them over. I like that I did not need to worry about anything as these are well breed women who are extremely classy.  Rachel Cohen finds these really great gals. They are all clean-cut, gracious, not on drugs, and there is never any drama going on like so many of the other girls I have seen through other services.  They are independent and can drive themselves, which is really important to me because of discretion.”

Client 11


“I am old fashioned, and I really am just not a fan of tattoos.  I was told all current artists are tattoo free, which is a major plus.”

Client 12


“These artists all specialize in mature men, so even though I am close to double the age of some of these gals, they know how to cater to my needs and never rush me or talk incessantly with mindless chatter. These girls all have substance, depth, insight, and compassion. They leave their egos at home and are real women who care and because of that are able to cater to my needs, and me to theirs. Usually a woman that beautiful as they are is not down -to-earth, but they are very down to earth and real seeming.”

Client 13


“It is always a giving and receiving equal experience, which is important to me. These women consistently enjoy giving and receiving as well. 

‘The new “artists” that have been brought aboard recently are even better than the others in the past, which is something I just did think possible, because I was already more than happy before. Even though I could not imagine anything being better than it was, Classymassages really is now even better than ever. The new girls are tens by anyone’s standards, where before they were more about 8s. or 9s.  They all have sparkling personalities, with warmth and a ton of spunk. Before I was happy. but now there is more consistency.”

Client 14 


“They are completely genuine ladies with great big hearts.  I believe all new gals brought aboard includes professional actresses, trained dancers, cheerleaders for pro football teams, and fashion models. Rachel told me the service has many high end contacts and that they recruit “real girls” who are not hardened escorts or tired out retired previous adult industry graduates.  The ladies are actually ladies. They are refined, sophisticated, and high class ladies normal type women who just happen to be extra sexy.”

Client 15


Most gals who are tens in this particular genre are often strippers turned escort or perhaps from another country not able to speak English well so there is a language barriers.  Most other perfect ten girls I have seen previous to Classymassages in the past that work for other escort agencies here in the South Florida area are one of the two types I stated.

I almost forgot to mention there is now a spiritual element added in the artist’s training. I was informed by Rachel Classymassages has started requiring various skill sets and certifications, and they are now trained one on one very intensely for a much longer time before actually starting.”

Client 16


“One thing I would like to mention is I revisited a girl I had seen when she first started about a year ago or so. Talk about improvement. This girl was great before now don’t get me wrong, but now she is absolutely sensational. Rachel told me to try her again, that she was now even more amazing and looked better than ever. I gave her a shot per Rachel’s suggestion, and honestly, she really did simply blow me away this time, better than ever before. There is definitely something to be said about a woman with some years of experience working for Classymassages under her belt. Plus the years of Nuru have put a bit of muscle on her, and I love fit women. These new gals are all very fit and I just love that added bonus!

Client 17


“Last time I booked a longer Luxury Nuru Sessions starting at 6 hours. I loved the experience because the artist was totally down-to-earth, and the extended time together made it feel as if it were a real date. They are all real girls that I am super comfortable with. They are never clock watchers.  I enjoyed taking this lovely gal out with me for dinner and drinks. Everywhere we went I could sense that people were admiring how beautiful, vibrant, and classy my date was. Boy, it is a lot of fun to make heads turn with this beauty!”

Client 18


“All the gals I met thus far have excellent class and manners.  I never got one single “rough” vibe ever like I have with other services. “

Client 19


“I really like their menu options of luxury long sessions.  Eventually, I will experience an overnight excursion when I can figure out enough time to make that happen. That is number one on my bucket list.”

Client 20


“I really adore Rachel Cohen, Classymassages’ assistant. I am always wanting something a little different every time I book. Rachel has always directed me in the right direction. I find her to be very intuitive and quite insightful. She really knows her “artists.” I love that even though technically they are “independent,” they are still part of a network that guarantees that a certain quality is ascertained. Rachel makes sure I am always happy, and recommends one lady over the others if I am wanting something unique or seeking something specifically. “

Client 21


“I wish you the best in your “Nuru” experience. Does not get better than this, believe you me!. 

Client 22