Classy Nuru – Melanie Yoga Vixen

Pictures do not do this women justice whatsoever. Much much much better in person. She is a perfect 10 there is nothing wrong with her whatsoever. She is a natural looking blonde who you can tell works out and takes good care of herself. Her rack is amazing and her legs and butt are to die for.  Melanie is fresh and clean in looks and even in her personality. She is warm and sincere, and has a way of making you instantly comfortable.  Her incall is discrete and clean. I was duly impressed. Easy location to find and a super high class place.  

She has these super long legs and when she contorts herself in that mirror. It is so nice to watch. Mel is just  freakin hot!!! She definitely is the most flexible girl I have met. Her Nuru skills were really good, she gets really into it. She seems to really into pleasing which is a huge turn to me. She also likes to receive very into it. Her attitude is just fantastic! She really enjoys light and deep kissing as well and is very good at it.  The best part of Melanie is that she is really good at the Nuru massage itself. She is very creative and really good at building me up. The first hour of the session just flew by with me on my stomach and her on my back. She has these really great big hard pink nipples and did this one trick with them where she put her nipple inside the top part of my lower back and dragged it down slowly to my “boys.” It made all my hair stand up on end. I guess it was some of the Yoga magic she knows.

The second hour of the session was pure tease and build-up heaven. I got to watch this nubile goddess first do a show of rubbing the oil over her large perky breasts. Then she turned around and I got to watch her fantastic heart shaped backside in front of my face and her tiny puffy “kitty” lips sticking out a little at the bottom, so nice, even nicer than watching her Nuru massage me in the mirror which was hard to beat. Her “kitty” was great, real tight, judging her age by her kitty alone  I would have guessed she was much younger than her stated age. Melanie’s “kitty” additionally was extremely clean and tasty and very receptive and seemed to be very multi-orgasmic. 

Melanie expertly administered oral while making eye contact. Her face looked real innocent to me but what she was doing was just not innocent at all. The combination was superbly hot. Also special attention to the “boys,”  again nice!

Full service ended our session, which did not last long because truthfully she was just so tight and wet I could not hold off, as it just felt too darn good. It was an incredible finish, super intense from all that build-up. Melanie ended up putting me on the massage table for the last few minutes of the session. Gave me a professional deep tissue massage with the rest of the session that was outstanding. It was better than any I have ever gotten in strictly therapeutic sessions.  Her technique was outstanding and she is really strong, knowing just where to go to work out all my knots. She’s real smart and knowledgeable and just an all-around classy young woman. She looks much younger than her stated age early 20s at the most. She may look like a very young girl, but to me but she is very much all woman. Lookswise she is the best looking I have seen in this industry. Melanie is real  “all-american” style gorgeous.  I can’t imagine anyone finding fault in her appearance unless of course they prefer a heavier set girl or an more exotic type woman.

Her face is just so darn pretty, and she has a cute, flirty way about her I love.  Definitely put her on your “to do” list. I will be repeating very soon. She prefers to book in advance. Normally I do not like to book in advance, but for her I will do it happily. Melanie is definitely worth the trouble of planning and waiting for.