Blonde Regal Beauty Madison

I was so excited when I saw that Classy Massages finally added a girl with a Tampa Bay Area location. I was due for a business trip there that very next week. I don’t believe in coincidences. I thought it was my destiny to meet this blonde bombshell. 

I texted Madison Gregory, and she responded right away. I booked the recommended session of three hours that I always book. It is still the perfect amount of time for me. I love an unrushed session. This booking is not my first time visiting Classymassages, but it has always been at the Fort Lauderdale location. I have enjoyed all the women I have seen there over the years, so I knew I would also like Madison. 

The picture of the beautiful slim blonde was accurate, but I found this lovely young woman much more attractive in person. She has sparkling big blue, green eyes and a gorgeous smile with flashing dimples. She is an All American natural blonde with high cheekbones and aristocratic features. The first thing I noticed about her was a cheerful demeanor, which I always find refreshing.

Her incall location is in an older home in a very nice residential neighborhood. It has a “spa” set up with an ambiance somewhat similar to that of the Classy Massages location in Fort Lauderdale, although it is a bit more eclectic and not quite as modern. I found her incall location safe, clean, and quite adequate.

She greeted me dressed in a short tight dress and heels. She has a rarely found raw type of sexiness to her in person. She is an actual artist; she is a painter. She has that certain air of flair and finesse that go along with being artistic. Her legs are slim and shapely, and just about the longest, I have ever seen. When she walked in front of me, I cd not believe my eyes as this woman has an incredibly gorgeous body. Her butt is perfect and shapely. She is firm and toned everywhere. She works out. I found her refreshingly wholesome looking. She is a very natural looking woman with an air of confidence that I found very enticing. She is warm, sincere, and has a great sense of humor with a ready laugh. Just like I read in her description, she DID put me right at ease. She does have a comforting way about her. 

The inside of her incall has a large Nuru Massage Bed and a Massage Table. There is a bathroom with a nice hot shower, and like they do at Classymassages, she even laid out a new toothbrush and toothpaste for me. Even the towels were fluffy.

After taking a quick shower and putting on the robe she left out for me, we walked over to the bed. So began our Nuru fun!

She undressed in front of me. Her breasts are all-natural and perky, with piercing large nipples. She then took off my robe and had me lay down. I watched in the mirror as she climbed on top of my back and poured the Nuru oil onto her breasts, warming up the oil. And so began the Nuru massage. She is an actual licensed massage therapist. Her technique is fantastic. She moves very softly and slowly.  Her touch is deliberate and highly intuitive. She used those gorgeous breasts, her lady parts, and even her feet to rub the Nuru massage gel into my body. It felt sensational! Her type of  Nuru Massage is like taking a standard Sensual Massage and amplifying it erotically by 1000 percent. It is one of those things that there are just no words to describe how hot it feels.

So about an hour into this experience of pure ecstasy, she had me roll over onto my back. I looked up to have this gorgeous creature straddling my chest.  The Nuru Massage experience was different this way, as I was able to receive intense physical visuals right in front of my eyes. She did a backbend and guided my hands over her breasts. Then she sat up, bent forward, and did a split right in front of my face where I got actually to view paradise for a moment. She is an all-natural blonde with a tidy landing strip and beautiful shaven lady lips.  

Soon I felt her mouth softly against my balls and on the taint, the area right below them. She put her tiny perfect finger towards the back towards my anus without it feeling at all invasive, and it just felt terrific. She got me super hard and kept me there for a long time, just teasing me with her hands, mouth, and tongue. After a while, she began to lick my shaft up and down, paying particular attention to the top part of it. Just when I thought I was ready to blast off, she stopped and straddled my chest. I sat up, and we began to kiss. This woman knows how to kiss. She is intensely passionate. She has the softest lips and delicate tongue.  I had her lay down, and I buried my head between her legs and began to administer her the pleasure she was so deserving. She has the sweetest, freshest taste, and she was really into receiving my oral. I could tell she is a very sexual person by nature by how into it she was. She orgasmed her juices all over my face, moaning as she came. I was ready to put myself inside her. My cock was rock hard. She expertly put on a condom with her mouth, applied some lube, and I laid back as she mounted me. Her pussy felt wet and tight as she lowered herself on me. She rode me slowly at first and picked up speed. Again, I felt like I was going to come when she suddenly stopped. She climbed on all fours and begged me to take her that way, which I did. After a few thrusts, I could not hold back anymore. Her pussy was too wet; she felt too tight, and when she started to come herself, her pussy milked my cock, and I finally came, thrusting deep into her. We both came together. It was super intense for me because there had been so much tease and build up. She came hard too. Her face is really hot to watch when she comes. She is a sexy woman. 

We only had about 30 minutes left, and she poured both of us a glass of wine, and we talked for a few minutes. She offered me a massage on the table with the remainder of the time left, and she proceeded to give me an incredible professional massage as we chatted. She is a nice girl. 

I will be back to see her again next time I am in the area. Where all the girls are great, she is so far, my favorite. Her skills were outstanding, and I love her lithe, leggy build, and her enthusiasm. I recommend Madison Gregory highly.