Ava – Our Anniversary Present

Every once in awhile, my husband and I like to invite a young woman to accompany us in our bedroom endeavors.  Although we have a pretty good sex life, every once in awhile we like to shake things up and add a little bit of spice to the mix. It was our 11th Anniversary, and I wanted to celebrate it with my husband by bringing in another woman. I was on the internet looking for a Couple’s Erotic Massage and Escort combined experience, when I stumbled upon the Classymassages website. It promised all the delights we could ever hope for and much, much more. 

We selected Ava Paloma out of all the listed gorgeous Artists. I actually would have been happy with any of them, but her dreamy dark eyes really spoke to me. When I pointed her out as my top choice, my husband concurred.

After a painless reference screening, I booked an appointment for 3 hours at the Spa Location. 

Her incall was spotless, nestled in a residential area called Victoria Park, right next to Las Olas, a small Art District in East Fort Lauderdale. I have spent quite a bit of time shopping and dining in Las Olas over the years, so I knew the area quite well. The spa is in an understated private location that is very simple looking and discreet from the outside. Inside, it was extremely clean and quite luxurious.

My name is Jenny. I am 0f average height, dark-haired of Italian ancestry, 49 years old. My husband and I have 3 kids together but you cannot tell, as I work out with a trainer and do Pilates regularly.  I am built very similarly to Ava, very athletic and voluptuous with a large bosom and a well rounded derriere. My husband Jim is handsome man in his later 50’s, tall, athletic, with salt and pepper hair.

Although this was not our first rodeo, it had been a few months since we have imbibed our passions together with another woman. I was excited to say the least. 

When we walked in, Ava greeted my husband with a warm hug. I could not believe how hot the two of them looked together. I used to be very jealous of other women when we were first dating, but a few years into our marriage I discovered I was sexually attracted to women. My husband allowed me to play with a lesbian girlfriend of mine to see if I was truly bisexual. After a night of passion with her,  I found indeed I was. The jealousy I used to have was replaced by lust. After that, whenever the mood struck, we started inviting women to join us and have not come up for air since. Sometimes a few months go by before we can find the time to “indulge,” as we are busy business owners, but we try to add a woman to join us as much as our schedules will allow us to.  

Ava looks exactly like her pictures. In person, she sizzles with sexuality.  She is really warm and outgoing, and we both felt comfortable with her right away.  

After she finished greeting my husband, she greeted me next with a delicious hug as well. We had sensational chemistry right away. I knew we were all going to be in for a treat. She led me to the dining area, and we sat talking for awhile, getting to know one another. Ava is of Columbian decent. She is really sexually uninhibited. She is very open minded. She is also extremely intelligent. She is an excellent conversationalist. I really, really liked her. She is truly a class act in every way. 

After we finished our wine, she led us to the changing room, where we put on silk Kimono Robes and slippers that had been laid out for us. 

She led us to the Nuru Bed, and the fun began. 

I asked if my husband could go first, as I liked to watch. I sat in a chair facing the Nuru bed and watched as he got massaged by Ava. In all of my previous sexual endeavors with women joining my husband and I, none have included a Nuru Massage.  It was so hot to watch it was hard to believe.  If you have never experienced one before, it is something everyone should try.  Ava lathers herself up with oil. She is really fit with no physical imperfections, so watching her is really a treat. After she puts oil all over herself, she then proceeds to rub my husband all over with her wet glistening body. He laid there in complete heaven.

After awhile, I asked if I could switch spots with my husband. He got up and sat in the chair and watched me as I got Nuru’d. I could feel his eyes on us, watching us, turning me on so much.  Ava’s breasts felt so good against me. Her hard nipples against my back, being rubbed up and down in a primal, animalistic way. 

After awhile, I flipped over. I looked over to the chair, and saw my husband was rock hard. I asked him to come join us. Ava and I started kissing, first lightly, then passionately. We kissed more and more deeply, more and more passionately.  My husband was kneeling between Ava’s legs licking her while I straddled her chest making out with her. I soon moved forward and then straddled her face. She has an incredible mouth and brought me to my first orgasm. Shortly after that she began shaking as she had an orgasm from my husband’s mouth. My husband was rock hard and needed attention. We had him lay back and we both simultaneously attended to his cock. First she sucked it and I licked his balls and taint, then we swapped. She then gently licked his balls and taint while I blew him. He was in absolute ecstasy. His beautiful cock was so hard. We then each took a side – I took the left side , and she took the right side. We then ran our tongues up and down our chosen sides, in perfect rhythm. My husband was in complete heaven. It was time for the final act. I asked Ava to get up on all fours which she happily obliged, her beautiful butt sticking up, looking like a big heart from that angle. Her meaty shaved lips were open and ready, aching and hungry for his cock. He put on a raincoat and entered her while I watched. Just when I thought he was going to come, he stopped, and asked me to lay on my back so he could finish in me while having Ava ride my face. I was so turned on that the second he entered me I came. I moaned and screamed because I was so completely turned on, but my cries were muffled by Ava sitting on top of me riding my face. Soon she began to come,  moaning cries of passion as well. My husband was fucking me the whole time but had not come yet. He then pulled out, laid on his back, and asked us which one of us wanted his come in our mouth? We said we both did. He shot his load and I was the lucky one to catch it while Ava licked his balls as he came. 

It was an experience that exceeded in excitement any other experience with another woman. Ava is exceptionally gorgeous, Classymassages is exceptionally nice, and the Nuru Massage was the best sexual experience a person can imagine. 

I cannot imagine a better way to have celebrated our 11th Anniversary. I will be repeating. Even though I usually prefer variety, Ava is phenomenal and worth seeing multiple times. What she offers is exceptional, and she is exceptional in every way.