Ava on Fire

I responded to Ava’s ad and she got back to me right away. She had tentative plans to be out of town on the day I was seeking in the following week. The next day Ava texted that her plans had changed and she would be available.

I sent Ava my references and the next day our date was set!

I arrived at Ava’s in-call which is understated on the outside but sexy on the inside. Ava met me at the door, a dark haired Colombian beauty wearing a short robe and sexy heels. I confessed to her my nervousness. Ava gave me a warm, wet kiss and led me inside by the hand.

I washed up in the changing room and we chatted about five minutes before heading over to the king-size bed where the NURU massage would take place. Ava helped me disrobe and gave me a DFK as I reached under her robe to find she was wearing nothing beneath it. The robe dropped and two wonderfully large breasts presented themselves to me. I couldn’t help but immediately give them some loving attention with my mouth.

I lied face down on the bed and Ava applied the massage oil over my body as well as her own.

Ava suggested I turn and look at the wall-size mirror so I could enjoy the show that starred the two of us. I watched as Ava writhed her body over mine, sliding in the oil. I caressed her ass as my erection grew against the mattress.

I couldn’t wait any longer so I turned face up.

Ava took my engorged member fully into her mouth for a beautiful BBBJ! She sucked my dick and kept eye contact as she continued to rub her hands all over me. I was in Heaven, but I asked her to stop and sit on my eager mouth for an extended DATY session.

I could eat pussy all day and Ava’s was delicious. She continued to massage my erection as she moaned from my oral massaging of her loveliness. We moved into 69 for a bit and I asked for a cover so I could go inside. Ava was on top CG at first and I massaged those beautiful breasts as Ava rode me wildly. I told her I didn’t want to come to soon but she assured me that seconds were available.

Well, i know I’m usually a one-shot guy, so I held back. I removed the cover and we went into 69. I couldn’t keep my mouth away for long from that juicy sweet pussy!

After a while we put on another cover and went MISH. Our bodies rocked together wildly as my mouth moved between DFK with her gorgeous mouth and tongue, and sucking those very erect nipples.

Finally I told Ava that I just had to fuck her tits. The cover was removed and Ava lied on her back. I mounted her and plunged my dick between her still slippery breasts. I wanted to last longer but Ava brought me to the edge as she moaned, “What a beautiful dick!” I couldn’t take it anymore! I grabbed my dick as Ava opened her mouth for what we both knew was coming. I let loose with a load that sprayed onto Ava’s waiting tongue and chin, leaving a trail from her tits to the nape of her neck.

After we cleaned up we lay in each other’s arms. Ava is very warm and friendly and we talked for a bit. Then, with some time left, I asked Ava to see if she could get anything more out of me. Another BBBJ and I was hard again. However I could tell there was nothing left in me. Ava suggested we see each other again. I’m all for it!

After I showered Ava gave me a warm hug and another DFK. I will definitely be calling on Ava again!


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