Amber Revisited

Normally my reviews are a little less “Dear Penthouse” but the pure sensual, erotic experience is worth the telling.
I see Amber Wood semi-regularly because she provides an amazing sensual experience. She is very pretty and very attentive. Total GFE+++
I checked out the Classymassages website and I saw Amber Wood’s new pictures. I really like Classymassages because all of the girls are always beautiful and talented and the independent ladies are all masters of Tantra, Nuru and Escort dates. I am a big fan of Nuru massage, and they are very authentic, they even use the real nuru gel, and it makes a difference. 
Making the arrangements were easy and professional as possible. Amber was right on time for our rendezvous. I opted for the recommended 3 hour session, and it was perfect. 
Amber has a very open full menu selection. She is very uninhibited and really enjoys what she does.

It was great to visit again. As always, Rachel made the arrangements as easy and professional as possible, and Amber was right on time for our rendezvous.

Like all of the women at Classymassages, Amber is very pretty. Scratch that, Amber is smoking hot. She has a beautiful face and a great body, slim overall but with all the right curves too. Plus her services are amazing. Amber has such an open mind with a complete menu, and she looks just like her pictures. 

The private residence location of the spa is incredible. As always, the changing room and shower were immaculate and refreshments were offered. I got nice and clean and let the hot water soothe me to get ready. When I came out she was waiting, wearing only a smile and heels.

She led me to the freshly clean bed and guided my mind into a meditative state to ease the stress from my body before she began, and it really set the mood. Then she began.  One thing that every  Classymassages providers gives is the great sensual experience, but Amber takes it to the next level. Her enthusiasm and attitude make it even better. She used just enough suggestive talk to be hot, not so much as to be vulgar. Building the touch, adding the tease, and really awakening the senses all over the body. A true GFE experience in every way. She caresses, kisses, glides… I was simultaneously relaxed and so hard I could poke a hole in the mattress. Eventually she asked if I wanted to flip and boy did I! She doesn’t just rush into business, the buildup keeps coming. Sensual touch, then a bit of sliding, then some brushing touches to my manhood until I am standing at attention.  I get so firm that it almost hurts, and that makes her touch electric.
First her hand, gently then more assertively, then her lovely mouth, slowly and softly at first, then building to aggressive and quick based upon my responses. She is a virtuoso at the skin flute, I could have easily finished right away in her mouth, and have before, but she wasn’t going to let me off the hook there, she wanted me and we transitioned to passionate lovemaking. She mounted me, and her pussy was so wet and warm, her loins were like a furnace and felt like heaven to be inside her. A full tantric awakening, I was hyper-aware of every little detail. She sets the mood so well, arouses the senses so well, that every single stroke felt like a perfect event. She kept me edged by stopping until she could tell I was in delicious agony and ready to finish. Then we switched positions to lazy doggy and granted me release.

In every way, Amber is an amazing companion/courtesan. Looks, attitude, skill and care. One cannot go wrong, worth every penny.

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