Amber: Body Built for Nuru Sinning

Allow me to just say that Amber may be the hottest girl I have ever met. She is very down-to-earth and kind of normal at first just like her profile says, but then she turns into a sizzling sex goddess like I have never seen before when we began the session. Also she may think she is a normal kind of girl, but girls that look like her are a rare breed all of their own.  Nothing average about her appearance. Imho she is so hot it is ridiculous.  Everything on that body was perfectly tight and smooth.  All of her curves are in the right place and none in the wrong.

Her Nuru skills are incredible. Her incall is the bomb.  Love the mirrors on the walls. It was so hot to watch her gorgeous shiny naked body Nuruing me in them! The session was basically two hours of tease and build up with her using all her body parts against my body parts. It ended with wild GFE/PSE. I found her very beautiful and physically receptive with copious liquid excitement and she is very fit and toned EVERYWHERE  like I said.  I kid you not the 3 hour session was 3 hours of  hot hot hot torture.  She is very good at giving but the best unexpected treat for me was how much she also liked to receive. She tastes great too!  And just so into it! That in itself was a huge turn-on.

All of her 3 areas I put myself in felt good. That mouth of hers was my third favorite as her oral skills are epic and I like oral, but not as much as boning. Hence my second favorite place was her perfect pussy tight and beautiful and oh so perfect. My first favorite was the back ride, a personal treat I love but have not experienced in years. It was simply spectacular. 

Let me tell you I don’t know what the heck Nuru was before I found this website and had this experience, but let me tell you that Nuru by Amber is all I really want in an erotic experience after experiencing her.  I am totally 100 percent hooked and will probably be spending every extra dime I have on return visits.