2 Girl Nuru Immersion

I am recently divorced was recently deflowered here at Classymassages by one of the Fort Lauderdale artists. I have been on a few dates with nonprofessional girls since my deflowering, and I have ultimately struck out. I mean, bam, zero closure. Sad, but true. I am not young but not elderly either, just an average middle-aged Joe. I am not unattractive either, but for whatever reason, I struck out. My days of getting laid for free by hot chicks as I did in high school seem far fetched. My current reality is if I want to get laid unless I lower my standards, which I refuse to do, I will have to pay for it. The hotter the girl, the classier the girl, the higher the price. So I find myself back here at Classymassages. I am staying here in South Florida with family, waiting for my job to reopen in New York. I decided to imbibe with two of the artists listed in South Florida, Renee Skyler and Ava Paloma. Both gorgeous hot Columbians. Ava Paloma has something sexually smoldering about her that reminds me of Salma Hayek, and Renee has a girl-next-door freshness with underlying sensuality reminiscent of Penelope Cruz. I must concur that the reality of the Salma and Penelope “Nuru Immersion” surpassed my expectations indeed!
I booked the recommended 3-hour appointment, as I figured if I were going to do this, I would do this. This date was my first time being with two women.
They arrived at my hotel room looking hot as heck. Renee is a petite hottie with the face of an angel and a perfect voluptuous body, wearing a tight red dress, thigh highs, and spiked heels. Ava equally as attractive, although a bit taller than Renee. Her face is stunning. Ava is also voluptuous with curves in an athletic package. She was wearing a tight white dress with white pumps. Both girls appeared to be in the later 20’s. I was delighted with my selection; these gals were sumptuous. The only thing better than one of them were two of them.
So began our hedonistic evening!
I invited them in, and we began chatting. The girls were both super sweet, wholesome kind of girls. It was super cute watching them as they talked. They could not keep their hands off one another. I asked them if they were lovers in real life, and they said yes. I mean, super hot!
We drank some wine, and I watched them giggle. I was just thrilled. I loved just being in the girl’s sexual chemistry with each other. They were definitely into one another. So fucking hot!
I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, somehow, their clothes strategically had been removed. Their bodies were flawless—no cellulite, no scars, no flab anywhere. No tattoos. Oh boy, photoshopped perfection in real life. I felt the pictures on the site did not do either one of them justice. One thousand percent better looking in person. They both had the body of an 18 year. Both were extraordinarily toned and appeared to adhere to a workout regime of sorts. Both girls have beautiful ample breasts and perfectly delicious Latina butts. I like what I saw. Both gals have gorgeous faces. I would say they are equally attractive.
They began the Nuru Massage portion of our time together. It is probably one of the most incredible sensations on the planet. This Nuru massage they specialize in at Classymassages is something I see I am becoming addicted to rather quickly. The only thing better than receiving a Nuru Massage by one hot girl is receiving one by two hot girls. It is so sexy, so sensual, so primal to have it done by two built for endurance, gorgeous women. There was a mirror in the room, and I was able to watch these gals massage me in it. The videos of Nuru are excellent, but this live-action is even better. Two oiled up girls rubbing their nubile bodies against me was just the best thing I think since they invented butterscotch ice cream (my favorite dessert). The mirror, I got lucky with it, as it enhances my experience as I am a very visual person.
They started kissing each other, putting on a show for me. Renee was on top of Ava, making out fervently. Renee straddled Ava and started riding her. After a couple of minutes of moaning and working up, Renee began to moan even louder. She then hopped on top of Ava’s face and soon orgasmed her juices all over her. The next thing I knew, Renee then jumped off of Ava’s face, then crawled between Ava’s legs and began licking her. She brought Ava to orgasm after a few minutes. She stayed down there a minute, lapping her pussy juices all up—all in all super hot.
I was ready to get down, and I mean READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to start with bbbj. I beckoned the girls over, and they began to lick my balls, Ava on the right and Renee on the left. They both began to lick the side of my guy up to my shaft in perfect unison. Then Ava started sucking my member, then Renee did, then back and forth. I mean, what can be sweeter than too ridiculously hot women sharing my Johnson back and forth.
I had Ava lay down in front of me with her legs spread, and I knelt before paradise. I beckoned Renee over, and together we made Ava cum. Then, we switched. Renee laid flat, then Ava and I together made Renee come.
Renee put a rubber on me with her mouth, lubed me up with some k-y jelly, and Ava laid flat on her back with her legs spread. I entered Ava’s super hot wetness. Renee sat on top of Ava’s face while I moved in and out of Ava’s lady cookie, riding herself into another loud orgasm. After Renee orgasmed, I pulled my Johnson out of Ava and had Renee get on all fours. Renee’s butt is round and heart-shaped and perfect. Her shaved lady lips sticking out at the bottom from that angle looked just so frigging hot. I was finally ready to enter Renee. Before I did, I had Ava kneel in front of Renee so that Renee’s face was right up at her lady cookie. Renee started licking Ava as I lubed up and put my hardness inside of Renee. First, I gave it to her gently, and then a little harder and faster. It felt so tight, and as I banged, I watched Ava orgasm against Renee’s mouth. I finally could not handle it anymore, and I exploded inside my raincoat inside Renee’s loveliness. Ava was still coming, and as I exploded inside Renee, Renee exploded too. Perfect synchronicity!
I laid back as the two girls wiped me down with a hot cloth. The service these gals provide is a very high-class one with touches like this wipe down service I cannot imagine finding anywhere else. They are kind, clean-cut girls, not trashy party girls—personality plus and full of enthusiasm for their craft. I recommend them highly in every way.